Sportsbook Review – This past week in the Sportsbook Industry #1


Last week the sportsbook industry was full of surprising news and cases to report: a sportsbook offered to cover BetEd Sportsbook player balances in full, is accepting player registrations after being acquired by Heritage Sports, addressed unfair confiscations and continues to seize balances from winning players. Here are the details of this past week in the Sportsbook Industry:

– On May 25 BetEd Sportsbook closed its doors after losing its domain following charges of money laundering and violating US banking laws. It’s being reported that a sportsbook has offered to cover BetEd player balances. At this point it seems that only BetEd Sportsbook is standing in the way of the bailout’s consummation. The sportsbook that proposed the bailout is offering to make available 10% of player balances each month as long as the balance was rolled over 1x.

– On May 10 was acquired by Heritage Sports, an invite-only sportsbook that offers what it considers VIP-level service to their handpicked members. Now, almost a month later reopened after the Heritage Sports acquisition.

–’s rules allow for the sportsbook to debit the accounts of players that are flagged as professional sports bettors, an unethical tactic often employed by; however, with the involvement of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) of Malta, has reversed their stance on 11 of 16 closed accounts. The other 5 accounts are still under investigation.

– is at it again, this time they robbed a player of $2,000. At the time of the account deactivation the victim had a $1,400 pending withdrawal as well as an additional $600 in the active account. He tried to contact but he hasn’t been able to get an answer from them after sending several emails.

Our advice is to avoid; those who have turned a profit playing there will eventually have their balances stolen. The stolen funds total of is now up to $199,132. I recommend America’s Bookie, they’re a renowned site with fast payouts and outstanding customer support.