Sportsbook Review – This past week in the Sportsbook Industry #8


The sportsbook industry had a busy week, BetJamaica went out of business, TheGreek Sportsbook no longer accepts US players, non-US BetJamaica players will move to TheGreek and US players from BetJamaica and TheGreek Sportsbook will move to Heritage Sports, four Jazz Sportsbook Group players sent payout complaints, Bet24 players were victims of electronic data theft and a BetMotion player had his account disabled. Here are the details:

– After 8 years BetJamaica is now out of business. Non-US players will see their accounts moved to parent sportsbook TheGreek and if they already have an account at TheGreek the balances will be merged. BetJamaica US players will be moved to Heritage Sportsbook.

– TheGreek Sportsbook is not accepting US players, the accounts held by US players will be moved to Heritage Sportsbook. Players with balances are free to play or withdraw their funds from Heritage Sportsbook as if their accounts were still at TheGreek Sportsbook or BetJamaica. All pending wagers, including prop futures, will be honored and transferred with balances to Heritage Sports. Here is a letter from Heritage Sports to their new players:

To Our New Clients from The Greek and Bet Jamaica,

We hope the transition has gone well for you. I know we had a hiccup or two, but if you have any issues whatsoever please contact us.  We are here to make sure you are comfortable.

This was not a “slam-dunk” decision on our part. As you know we have an existing client base that we are very protective over but The Greek was very persuasive in wanting to find a good home for you all and so we gave his companies all of our invitations this year.

– Four Jazz Sportsbook Group players sent payout complaints. Each player reported that the manager of the Jazz Sportsbook Group payout department (which consists of Jazz Sportsbook, LooseLines, and ABC Islands) is routinely unavailable and that it has been months since a partial payment was received. The total balance of these four players is approximately $196,255.

– Nordic Betting Limited, which operates Bet24, has sent an email to all their players informing them of an electronic security breach. Bet24 was infiltrated by an unknown number of people with access to the sportsbook databases. According to Bet24, personal information, including account passwords were compromised for as many as two full years.

– A BetMotion player claims that his account has been disabled. The player had a €1,741.97 balance and he has sent multiple emails to BetMotion following the account closure but they have not replied to him.