Sportsbook Review – This past week in the Sportsbook Industry #4


This week had some interesting news and cases to report: Credit Wagering ‘was sold’, BetEagle Sportsbook changed their domain name, seized a $4,300 balance from a player and will close down.

Here are the details of what happened in the sportsbook industry last week:

– Credit Wagering Sportsbook was established in 2008, they began as a pyramid scheme, extending credit to few rounds of players to lure in more. Since then, their players have reported being slow-paid $23,230. Last Sunday Credit Wagering Sportsbook sent an email to all their players claiming that they were sold:

Credit Wagering: Dear Credit Wagering Customers,
We would like to announce the sale of Credit Wagering. Effective immediately, the new owners will be working on getting credit wagering back to the way it use to be. The site will be down for wagering until August 1st. All accounts are still accesible. There are many changes that are on the horizon, which will benefit you the customer. Most important is customers being paid on time!

When a scam sportsbook like this thinks that their domain still has value they look to deflect responsibility for player accounts due to being under ‘new ownership’.

– BetEagle Sportsbook changed their domain extension to .ag. These days several sportsbooks with concerns over the status of .com domains are now using .eu, .ag and .cr extensions as these addresses are believed to be beyond the reach of legal authorities.

The following message displays as a screen prompt when accessing

BetEagle: Important Notice: Thank you for your attention. is now We recommend players adding into your favorite bookmarks. Thank you for your understanding. Please acknowledge you have read this notice by clicking the ok button.

– An player deposited $500 a while ago and he never made a withdrawal; over the course of time his balance reached up to $4,300 and he decided to request his first payout by check. said it would take 21 days to send the check and when the player attempted to log in to his account he found out that it had been disabled. He contacted an representative and he told him that management closed his account and that his funds would not be paid. justifies confiscating funds from player accounts by referencing a section of their fine print with respect to professional players:

The sports wagering services offered by are not for use by individuals or groups deemed to be professional bettors. In the event that a Player(s) is deemed to be a professional bettor, their account will be subject to immediate termination with any remaining account balances, including all deposits and winnings in Player’s account, being returned to the Player.

To date, has stolen $203,432 player funds (including deposits).

–, which is managed and hosted by is going out of business. As of last week, players began to see notices that the sportsbook would no longer accept wagers from customers in their region. asked players with balances to go through the withdrawal process by Friday, June 24th but they have not released an official statement explaining the decision to close down.

Avoid scam sportsbooks like Credit Wagering Sportsbook and, once you turn a profit playing there you will eventually have your balances stolen. I recommend America’s Bookie, they have provided excellent customer service and prompt payouts since being established in 2005.