Sportsbook Review – This past week in the Sportsbook Industry #3


The sportsbook industry had a busy week and as usual, Ask The Bookie covered all the news and cases: a Boogie Bet player reported a payment complaint, the Jazz Sportsbook building experienced technical issues, Betsson acquired Betsafe Sportsbook and the Casineto Sportsbook debt totals continue to grow.

Here are the details of these news and cases:

– A Boogie Bet player requested a £60.06 withdrawal on May 25th but it remains ‘pending’ in his account. He sent multiple emails but the sportsbook hasn’t given him a response on when his withdrawal request will be completed. Boogie Bet offers no live chat or telephone support.

– The Jazz Sports Group building had a power outage and their backup power equipment didn’t function properly. The bulding hosts Jazz Sportsbook, BetIslands and ABC Sportsbook.

The Jazz Sport Group management apologized to their players and said they were working with a local power company to resolve the issue. The three websites were back online shortly.

– Betsson officially acquired Malta-based sports betting site Betsafe. Betsson reportedly spent €32.5m in acquiring all shares of Betsafe (corporate name Artic Invest SA).

– A Casineto Sportsbook player said he has been waiting two years for a $250 payout. This sportsbook continues to take deposits despite not having the ability to pay any of their players. On April they addressed their financial problems with the following statement:

We do apologize for the inconveniences! Unfortunately, our company still has financial difficulties and we are working on it. We can assure you that as we solved these financial problems we will pay all of our players.

Casineto Sportsbook players have sent twenty-nine complaints and their reported debt totals are over $13,000.

Take time to do some research before sending your money to a sportsbook, there are plenty of safe and secure sportsbooks out there, America’s Bookie is the perfect example, they haven’t had a payout complaint since being established in 2005.