Sportsbook Review – This past week in the Sportsbook Industry #2


This past week had interesting news and cases to report: and Victor Chandler players got their accounts blocked for apparently no reason, Pulse Bet Sportsbook proved that a player engaged in fraud, two sportsbooks offered a fair bailout offer to BetEd Sportsbook, another BetPhoenix Sportsbook sloy-pay report was made and Pinnacle Sports will no longer offer a poker room.

Here are the details of this past week in the Sportsbook Industry:

– A player said that his account was blocked after winning €3,000 and making a withdrawal request. The player provided a drivers license and passport copy to validate his account but he has not been given an update from

– VictorChandler has voided €897 from a player’s account. The player’s winnings were derived from live-betting, he had an €1,100 withdrawal pending at the time that his account was closed. Additionally he held a €410 balance in the sportsbook but VictorChandler paid only €613 to the player via Moneybookers.

– A Pulse Bet Sportsbook player reported that his account with £1,432 had been turned off and his deposit of £152 had been refunded to him. Now Pulse Bet Sportsbook proved that the player engaged in fraud. The player used two different accounts, receiving a 100% deposit bonus on both of them and bet on all possible outcomes of a game in a way that if either side won, he would double his 2 deposits in one of the accounts. Pulse Bet Sportsbook also connected him to a third account.

– Two sportsbooks offered a fair bailout offer to BetEd Sportsbook but they haven’t accepted any of them. With each day that passes value diminishes for those sportsbooks that want to help as there are concerns about the business practices from BetEd Sportsbook.

– A BetPhoenix Sportsbook player states that he requested a $916 payout via Neteller on May 2nd and has yet to receive his funds. BetPhoenix Sportsbook underwent a software change recently, now their platforms are powered by Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS).

– Pinnacle Sports announced that as of June 15th they will no longer offer a poker room because their current Curacao license is no longer accepted within the Entraction Poker Network due to recent updates to EU gaming regulation. Pinnacle Sports decided decided not to pursue the necessary changes because they want to focus their efforts on their sportsbook and casino.