Should the Giants Fire Tom Coughlin?

I’ve been Giant fan for over 40 years and the Giants have a dilemma after this season. They have painted themselves in a corner with the question of whether or not Tom Coughlin returns as coach. This shit has been going on for 10 years and every time the Giants have a bad season the media says that he is gone after the season. This year is little bit different however, as they did let it slip after season when they asked the owner if this year is a win or else season, and his response was “I don’t think that is an incorrect question”.
John Mara is the son of Hall of Fame owner Wellington Mara, and when the Giants were struggling in the early 2000’s ,there was a guy named Tom Coughlin who was mistaking let go be the Jaguars and the Giants made the right choice. Even I wanted Coughlin at that time. If Mara fires Coughlin it will be very difficult to do in a way without dishonoring the name of his deceased father. From what I have heard the co-owner Steve Tisch who owns half the team is leaning towards looking forward. They did give Coughlin 2 extra years to “right the ship” by first asking Gilbride to retire as Offensive Coordinator, then the next year bringing back Spagnolo to run the Defense. At this point the 69 year old Coughlin looks like he is next to go. The sad part is that offense has been playing well, and although the Defense is breaking records for futility they are making strides especially in the turnover dept and are extremely young ,and with another good draft and free agency period they Giants may be back next year. They are also 80 million dollars under the salary cap, which is unheard of, so they can pick up the parts that they need, and next year they could be back in the Super Bowl.
There was stat I heard earlier this year that if an NFL game was 58 minutes and 15 seconds the Giants would be 10-2.That can be analyzed in number of ways. Did the coaches make bad decisions at the end of the games, or that they just weren’t good enough to win .Some people put the blame on GM Jerry Reese, but I feel he has done great job and has drafted well in recent years and never wastes money on “high priced bums” in free agency. His job is also on the line but we feel that sticks around a little longer.
The Giant Fans and the ownership cannot however go through another 6-7 win season however and changes must be made. It is a shame however to start over after making great strides in the past 2 years, but something needs to be done. Another big problem however as is the case in any business is that you have to find some who is better qualified to run your business then the person you are letting go. At this time the only options are a college coach or “hot “coordinator off another team. You have seen how well that has worked out for teams in recent years, because for every Todd Bowles there are 10 Eric Manginis that last 1-3 years then get fired. The Giants are like the Steelers, Packers and Ravens and others that don’t make changes for change sake and part of the their success is based longevity, not like the Eagles who fired Chip Kelley this year after his first losing season was even over, after making him GM after last season.
The Giant could decide to give Coughlin one more year but at this point that won’t sit well with the fan base. What probably should and will happen is that Coughlin is told that he should retire after the season and unfortunately take his 2 coordinators with him, and the search for new coach will begin on Monday Jan 4. This is a big problem cuz Eli is getting older and only has few years left and has finally gotten used to the new system. Ben McAdoo isn’t ready to be the head coach and although Spags would be good choice how do you justify it after they the defense was breaking records for futility this year. It looks however that Eli must learn a new system and the Giants will clean house except for Jerry Reese and we move on from here. It’s a shame that by the time the Giants are able to compete again Eli won’t be the Qb and someone like Ryan Nassib or more likely a kid that is just graduating high this year will be the Qb of the future. If I was you I’d place futures bet on the Giants to win the Super bowl in 2022 at Americas’ Bookie .The good news for me is that I’ll only be 60 years old at the time to enjoy it. Happy New Year guys.

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