The Sad State of Sports

By: Frankie the Fan

I’ve been writing articles for for many years now. Some articles have been humorous, some informative, some serious, some all of the above. This is either going to be the best one I’ve ever written or the worst depending on whether or not I can get my point across or if I even know what point I’m trying to make.

I always thought that the point of sports was to develop character in the people that are participating and providing escapism for the fans who are watching them. I remember a quote by Vince Lombardi and the last thing he said more or less was “I never met a man worth his salt that didn’t love the grind and discipline of hand to hand combat, and that a man’s greatest moment to all he holds dear, is that moment when he lies exhausted on the field of battle; Victorious.”

Nowadays in this Twitter universe in which we live, I have no idea of why the athletes play their chosen sport except for maybe “getting props from their Homeys”. When I was growing up I played every different sport and the goal was always to win, and push myself to be a better athlete and better human being. The Olympics were the true test of an athlete’s makeup. After watching Bruce Jenner win the decathlon in ‘76, I knew this is what I wanted to become, so I started running around the block and dreamt of the day I could represent my country my family and myself.

That was 40 years ago. Do you really think today’s athlete gives a shit about anyone but himself? You have all of the athletes skipping the Olympics because of a nonexistent “Zika virus”. In 80 and 84 it was so sad that the athletes from the USA and Russia were forced to skip the Olympics due to political concerns after all of their hard work…nowadays they just pass because it’s not profitable. After all who needs a Gold medal when you make millions of dollars a year?

The two things that happened in the past week that made me want to vomit, but are just 2 examples of what is going on now was Ronaldo’s actions in the Euro Cup Final and the ESPYS last night. I had a bet on Portugal to win it all at America’s Bookie at 16-1, so I was happy they won but it’s wasn’t because of their so called “Star and leader” who chickened out.

Maybe he did hurt his leg a bit, but I think it was more he panicked and didn’t want to be responsible if they had lost. He walked off crying then came back, then left on a stretcher as all soccer players do. This way he was off the hook if they lost. It was the same thing that Messi did after Argentina lost; he retired from the National team that night. This way the headline is not “It was Messi’s fault for missing that kick”, instead everyone said “Please come back!!!” The thing that really pisses me off, is after Ronaldo’s teammates won it all without him, he took off his shirt on the field to say “look at me, it was all because of me” and then he was carrying the trophy for a long time, after letting down his teammates.

The thing however that made me write this article was the ESPYS last night. I haven’t watched it for years because it has become too political. Giving an award to my old hero Bruce Jenner for wearing dress is an example, but yesterday I said let’s give it a shot. They open the show with Lebron and 3 other guys talking about “Black lives matter”. This is not your platform. Your an uneducated fucking basketball player and just because you may play ball well, that does not make you an authority on anything but maybe basketball, and probably less cuz you’re uneducated and dropped out of college or didn’t even go.

In the movie Field of Dreams, Shoeless Joe Jackson said “I’d’ve played this sport for meal money”, and I remember a commercial with Humphrey Bogart saying “I like Baseball, it’s my sport. A beer and a dog at the game, beats roast beef at the Ritz, yellin for your team is good for your lungs also”. How the fuck did we get from players playing the game for free and the fans spending quality time with their family, to four clowns making a dangerous political statements on the air, and the highest paid athlete in the world “punking out” on his teammates in the biggest game of his country’s history, and then taking credit for the victory?

So as I said, I’m not really sure what I’m trying to say here except that sports used to the most important character builder in a young boys life, and now it’s just a political platform for human beings, many of who I really don’t respect as much as the 5 cops who were killed in Dallas protecting the foolish people who don’t really have any “Code of Honor” any more.

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