Roland Garros Semifinal Preview

Now that all of the rain has slowed a little we are finally almost back on schedule and if all goes well we will playing the Women’s Finals this Saturday and the Men will play on Sunday. There are a few good Semis to talk about first so let’s get started so you can call up America’s Bookie and make some money.

Djokovic is -900 vs. Thiem at +600. This is a really interesting matchup. The present best in the world vs. the man most likely next in line to take his place. It’s kinda like when we saw Djokovic play Roger a few years back and we knew that he was the heir apparent. That being said this match is being played in 2016 not 2021.

They’ve played twice before and with the exact same result of the Serb winning 3 and 4. This will be a little different however. Djokovic was laughing at Berdych yesterday. He knew that all he had to do was hit hard with placement and the Czech would miss. The look on Berdych’s face at the end was like when I attended a bullfight in Madrid, and the after being toyed with the bull just bowed his head and said “Please end it now”.

Thiem is too young and stupid to realize that he can’t win this match. Truth be told he CAN win this match. The way he gyrates his body to add pace and control reminds me of the guy on the other side. Thiem however hits with more topspin, and that will give Novak some problems that Berdych couldn’t do. It will however come down to experience; although Thiem will have his chances to win this, experience prevails. Djokovic wins in 4 hard sets.

The other Men’s match should be a dandy as well. The defending Champ Wawrinka is a slight dog here at +105 to Murray at -125. Wawrinka is 7-8 lifetime vs. the Brit, but has won the last 3, is 3-0 lifetime on clay and the last time they played on clay was a blowout at Monte Carlo in 2013 (6-1 6-2).

Murray has been playing over his head all spring long. You have to give him credit for that but his luck runs out today. Wawrinka hasn’t looked that great this fortnight but he has been very businesslike, waiting for someone who can actually push him so he has to raise his level. He has spent less time on the court then Murray. He has the game and the mindset to make the Finals here and most likely win this whole thing. The smart money is on the Swiss today.

For the Women Serena is -700 to Bertens at +415. They’ve only played once in the second round of the Open last year and the match was kinda close, but let’s be serious here, there is one and only one way that Serena doesn’t win this match and that is if she’s beats herself by going into her “I’m nervous routine”.

That does happen but usually only against players that she’s scared of and usually only in Finals. Serena will take this as a second round match in smaller tourney, especially cuz it feels that way cuz she seen playing every day, and win it probably something like 6-4, 6-3 or better.

The other match is very good one. Muguruza is -300 to Stosur +250. Both of these girls have made us some money this tourney. Sam cuz she took out Halep at +280 and the Spaniard cuz we bet her to win it all and is still alive and kickin. They’ve only played once and the Aussie won in 3 sets but was blew her out in the 3rd, 6-1.

That match was 2 years ago and Garbine has grown up a bit whereas Sam has lost a step in past few years. This will be great match and it hard to pick a winner here. We are biased for the Spaniard, she has been playing well, and the Aussie maybe has gone as far as she can in this tourney.

We have a feeling however that after losing the first set Sam will raise her level and the second set will be very close. If she wins it she may win the match easily in the 3rd set, as she gets better as the match goes along. Muguruza is more of a front runner. We still like Garbine here but are taking over 21 games -120. Enjoy the tennis guys.

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