Setting the Standards in the Pay Per Head Industry

The Standard Per Head Solutions provides your players a world class wagering experience with local attention. The Standard Per Head Solutions guarantees that your players will really get into the game when they can wager on more events than they could ever imagine. They can wager on sports, horses or in an online casino; which translates into more wagering per client so your profits will rise accordingly.

With The Standard Per Head Solutions your players will be impressed with the level of service you are able to offer them and that will keep them coming back for more, which is the idea, insuring loyalty to you and bigger returns.

Working with The Standard Per Head Solutions frees you up and gives you the time you need to focus on the most important facet of your business: building your base. You can count on The Standard Per Head Solutions to take care of the daily details with accuracy and integrity at very low prices.

The Standard Per Head Solutions makes price per head services easy to use, and secure. You will have the ability to pull performance reports, suspend and enable players, adjust wager limits, adjust weekly limits, enable or disable various wagering options and more. You can literally open up your own full service gaming site complete with software, phone support, website, and customers service.

Cost: $10 per head. Free for 2 Weeks.