Real Price per Head – One of the Most Trusted Names in the Industry

Real Price per Head is a Price Per Head / Pay per Head Credit Bookmaker Outsourcing company located in San Jose, Costa Rica. They feature one of the most advanced sports pay per head bookie services with more than 45 pph agent reports, including agent lines control, private poker rooms, live betting, Asian Handicap, top quality lines and a Sports Call Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All limits, restrictions and lines profiles can be adjusted for the entire package or by players individually. All lines and offerings are monitored 24 hours a day.

Real Price per Head is one of the most trusted names in the Industry, their business is based on providing the most offerings and the best services in the offshore industry. Their services are offered to Onshore bookmakers, Credit Agents and small offshore sportsbooks that choose to outsource their business to a larger and more reputable sports call center that has a history of building loyalty and successful offshore gambling businesses.

Most Price Per Head shops have minimal sports offerings (game lines, half time lines, and totals), 20 horse tracks and one small casino for clients but Real Price per Head offers the industry’s leading sports offerings (game lines, 1st half lines, 2nd half lines, quarters, moneylines, totals, and hundreds of daily propositions), 300+ thoroughbred and harness tracks and two of the best casino software products online.

The racebook is free, but there is a 5% charge on your casino action. They do offer mobile wagering and a free website skin. Prices are all over the range from $15 to $21, putting them kind of high. If your players are 100% internet you can get a nice flat fee of $12 if you have over 20 players.