The pay per head industry as a whole has staked its claim on the gaming market across the United States. What they have done is nothing short of genius, for a couple of reasons. Number one, they have what every bookie needs, and number two, they have what every gambler needs. They have it all, they offer it all and they do the bookies job. They may not make the bookie rich overnight, however, they will certainly make him much more profitable by using their service, than without. 

Why You Must Get In:

No matter the size of your bookie operation, you must be online, and we mean yesterday! You are losing business by the minute without an online presence. What a PPH does for you is to land you online within a day or two and for around $7 per head, per week. You may think you can’t afford $7 per head because you have 50 active players or 150 active players. All this says; you can’t afford to be without a PPH. 

You can’t afford to be without a PPH for one basic reason – loyalty. You depend on player loyalty and you must have it without excuse. If you are not online, we guarantee you that your dearest, your oldest, and your best clients are not being loyal. They are cheating on you and we can prove it!

Your clients want o bet on their time, not on yours. Their time may be 3:00 AM or when you are having dinner, or simply when you have no desire to be bothered. They don’t care about your wishes. When they want to gamble, they want to gamble and if you are not available, guess what? They will find someone that is. Your clients can find the competition in around 4-seconds! They can have a deposit in with the competition and be gambling on their website in under 3-minutes. 

You must be all things to all people, all of the time. How can you do this? You are one guy. EASILY… You can do this by jumping on board with a Pay Per Head. The PPH industry is your source for an online sportsbook. They have the bookie software and they know how to earn you a six-figure income this year. 

What Does A PPH Do?

The PPH custom-builds your online sportsbook within a day or two at no charge. They work with you and find out what kind of bookie you are now and what kind of bookie that you want to become. They work with you if you have three clients or if you have 300. The number is not significant. 

Once you call them, they will have you up and operational within a couple of days and you pay nothing now. They are offering a free trial and you get the “real deal”. The free trial is not some watered-down version that doesn’t work, no, you get what paying clients get. This is your chance to try the product free of charge. You have the opportunity for a test run. 

The PPH does all of the little stuff that you hate doing daily. They set the daily events, they set the lines and odds, they accept all wagers either over the phone or via the website. Of course, your players can still call you and tell you what they want to bet, and should you be available, that’s great. You want to interact with your players on some level and you must be available for deposits and payouts. The PPH will help you find deposit and payout solutions.

The PPH also takes care of all the financials. They are your bookkeeper, your accountant. You are entitled to on-demand player and financial reports – again, free of charge. You get this entire service starting at $7 per head. In essence, what you have for pennies on the dollar is a personal assistant. All you need to do is know how to click a mouse and read reports. Now you have the time to follow your players, set limits and know who is beating you or losing. The freedom the PPH gives you is priceless, and it gives you the ability to recruit new players. 

Do not go into a PPH with the mindset that you are competing with other online bookies. Absolutely not. You are competing with yourself, you are making triple sure that your players stay loyal to you. When they want to play, they no longer have to go elsewhere, they can log onto your site and play against you at any time, from anywhere there is an internet connection. Call the PPH today and ask for a free trial. Find out why this service is what you have been lacking