Pick NFL Winners Review


Steve ¨Cubby¨ Drumm has been wagering on the NFL since 1998 and been handicapping professionally since 2002. He has a Bachelor´s degree in economics and a Master´s degree in Public Affairs and Policy Analysis. Originally from the midwest, Steve lived in the Washington DC area for 8 1/2 years (from late 1999 to early 2008) before moving to the sports gaming capital of the world, Costa Rica, in May 2008.

Since 2006 Steve ¨Cubby¨ Drumm has had over 1400 documented NFL plays. The vast majority of those plays have been on straight/side plays and teasers (the standard 2 teams, 6 points at -110) along with a few game totals and team season win totals. He has gone a documented 775-

587-41 (57%) on all of his plays during that time. Hence nickel bettors who have bet all of his plays during the past 11 NFL seasons have made a net profit of $64,650. That comes out to an average of nearly $5900 per season. Steve is very happy with his long-term winning percentage of 57% in the NFL, as most industry experts believe that a long-term winning percentage of 57% is as good as it gets when it comes to handicapping the NFL.

Steve attributes his handicapping success to a variety of factors. His superb analytical, logical, and quantitative abilities, as well as his capability and willingness to be objective gives him an excellent aptitude for value handicapping. He also understands the dynamics of handicapping the NFL, i.e. he knows which statistics to look at to determine if a team is overrated or underrated and he also knows how to ascertain when teams are likely to be playing over their heads and when teams are likely to be playing under their heads. All of this, coupled with Steve´s superb instincts and even-keeled temperament are the reasons underlying the tremendous amount of success that he has had handicapping the NFL.

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