Per Head – Precision Bookmaking

Per Head is one of the most respected price per Head betting software and bookie service provider offshore. Per Head is more than just a complete sportsbook call center, they’re an advanced technological machine working day and night. Their advanced pay per head operations have true redundancies offering on-site support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Their pay per head system converts your local bookmaking business into a world class offshore sportsbook. Per Head’s dedicated web team offers a fully integrated sportsbook website for you and your players to enjoy. They have a bookie reporting system in real time and they offer more than 100 in-house and web based agent reports.

The dedicated offshore team of Per Head has been offering bookie outsourcing since 1997. Their customers receive the top personalized service in the price per head industry with their fully trained 100% English speaking staff. Per Head is the only per head company with lines featured on Don Best and SportsOptions and you will have the ability to move your lines independently.

Cost: $10