Online Sportsbook Review Main Details: is anchored by the RDG Corp and America’s Bookie, they have been an active sportsbook since 2005. This bookie has been through a bit of a firestorm with bad press and for no good reason. A few jealous players in the online betting industry decided to play dirty and dish dirt that simply never happened. is a trustworthy bookmaker and its clients swear by them. The RDG Corp is a pioneer in the online gaming industry and they have been around since the early 90s’. 

Every online sportsbook has its faults and although we have tried to find them with, we can’t. These folks are honest (their players will testify), they payout when they lose with no hassle and they pay out quickly. They offer a fair bonus with some of the best rollover options industry-wide. They take the time to explain all of the bonus rules and payout regulations. If there is a surprise, it’s certainly not because they didn’t explain. Their friendly agents understand the gaming business and they know what players want. They don’t want arguments, hassle, or slow pay. They want to gamble with a great betting menu and a state-of-the-art interface. At, you get all of the above. 

The RDG Corp owns more than a few great sportsbooks and they have built their reputation on customer service as well as quick payouts. We have used, we know they payout when they lose, and we know them to be an honest and transparent bookmaker. They offer a fantastic array of sports venues from the United States and around the world – if you want to bet it, they probably offer it. Their wagering menu is vast with a wide verity of ways to bet on all of the different sporting events. They accept wagers on politics, current events, Hollywood, international gaming and much more. If you want an all-around great sportsbook, we highly recommend Bonus Plan: offers a 100% deposit match on any deposit of $100 or more, and usually up to $1,000. They offer the 100% bonus with a 10 X rollover that’s calculated in this fashion… Example: Deposit = $100 – Bonus = $100 – $100 + $100 = $200 – $200 X 10 = $2,000. Should you elect to take the 100% bonus, you will have to roll over $2,000 in qualifying, sportsbook-wagering-action, before taking a payout.  Our best advice is to call them and ask them what is “qualifying action”. Nearly every online sportsbook on the internet follows this model example. Qualifying action usually means no parlays or no more than a 2-3 team parlay and restrictions on teasers. offers a little something for everyone. Possibly you are not a bonus player, but you love a great contest or two, they offer them. They have several great contests that we found worthy of our time because we had a great chance to win. On top of it all, they offer a fantastic casino along with a world-class racebook featuring more than 75 tracks that pay track odds. You will not get bored with Software:

RDG Corp is a pioneer in the bookie software business. They have been an industry-leading provider of software and they modeled what most online bookies use today. If you are looking for an easy to use interface that features an amazing array of options, then this is your sportsbook. They offer an easy to read webpage with a vast betting menu. They guarantee “uptime” of 99.9%. No matter when you want to gamble, they are open for business. Selection:

We mentioned above the vast betting options and we stand by that. has put together an online sportsbook to be used by professional bettors that are looking for tight lines and competitive odds. No matter how you prefer to gamble or what your sport of choice may be, has something for every gambler. The casino features the latest slots and a wide verity of table games with live dealers. The sportsbook features live betting, dynamic betting, and so much more. Support:

You may contact at 877.482.6948 or [email protected]. They offer a quick response by email as well as live chat should you chose to use the service. Withdrawals:

We found that pays with a smile. We have never had a minute’s trouble receiving our money when we were owed. They love Bitcoin and offer free payouts using this method but also offer other traditional ways such as person-to-person, money order, and more. Deposits: is 100% straight-forward. They will not run you all over town to get the deposit in. They offer Bitcoin, credit cards, person-to-person and a few other methods. Call them and ask what the best option is for you.

Overall: has come along nicely and we appreciate their tight lines, their fantastic casino, along with a very nice racebook. We highly recommend them for daily use or special events. No matter what your gaming preferences are, has you covered.