AcePerHead – Pay Per Head Service Main Details: is one of the better PPH providers to come along in quite some time and there is one reason; the RDG Corp. has been around since 1998 and the RDG Corp. has been in business since the early to mid-90s’. What makes RDG special is two things – their impeccable customer service, along with their state-of-the-art software. There are umpteen gazillion PPH providers on the market today and for one to stand head and shoulders above the crowd, it means they have indeed worked for it. 

Not so long ago went through some changes that involved a makeover and a serviceable upgrade in client relations. What they have become is a powerhouse in the industry and now, they do indeed stand head and shoulders above most PPH providers. The RDG Corp. understand what players want, they understand what bookies want and they understand the gaming process. This is not an easy find in this day and age. 

With many PPH providers cropping up across the internet, this product has become watered down in general. What you will find with is a double-down effort to go the extra mile for their clients. They realize that bookie depends on them for every dollar and what they expect in a PPH is impeccable service, and a user interface that’s smooth and easy to use. has discovered a fantastic bookie software that includes an above-average wagering menu, a fantastic casino, and a world-class racebook, all rolled into a turnkey operation for a very fair price of $10 per head. Software: is powered by the RDG Corp, this means the best software industry-wide. The RDG Corp is a pioneer in the PPH industry and they have perfected what they do over the last 20-years. 

We love the layout of the sportsbook, the racebook, and the casino. The sportsbook features easy to read pages that places events in a readable and easy to view style. Often, the PPH will set up a sportsbook in a convoluted manner that’s difficult to read and hard to find the desired sport or event. Nothing turns off players more than this. If you can’t read the site, what good is it? get’s it, they understand how an online sportsbook-webpage, should look. 

Bookie software was built to do the job of a bookie.; Not all PPH providers are created equal. has figured out that bookies are busy people and they have built a platform that does the bookies job daily. They set the daily events, they set the lines and odds while leaving you in total control to change any odds, at any time. 

Many bookies that we speak with are in search of a PPH that’s reliable and has software that won’t leave them hanging before a big event. comes through 99% of the time. They guarantee their service to not go down. We love this feature and feel that a serious bookie can’t live without this service. 

Time: is a proven leader in getting things done quickly. Call them and they will build your online bookie service within a day or two and the service is entirely free. You get everything included for $10 per head. This may seem a bit steep in this day and age of $2 per head. We understand the bottom line means everything. We also understand you get what you pay for.

You will have your players up and gambling on your sportsbook within a couple of days. You get a private website, a dedicated server, an exclusive .com address for you and your clients. 

Duties: believes that what you should be doing daily is pointing and clicking the mouse. They don’t believe you should be doing busywork – they do it all for you. They grade bet slips; they place wagers either over the phone or on the site. 

Advantages: is a leader in sportsbook menus. They offer it all and they make it easy for gamblers to place their wagers. They offer live wagering, live casino, prop bets, and much more. You will feel that now, you have time to recruit players and what’s valuable to, is valuable to you. If you are making money, they are making money.

Recommendation: has come along at the right place in time and they appeal to every type of gambler. You may have serious players and you may have leisure players. The good news is, you can appeal to your base with We highly recommend this PPH as an everyday source of revenue and a great place to open a sportsbook, racebook, and casino.