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Overall Rating – Pay Per Head Sportsbook

ABC Islands Price Per Head offers call center infrastructure, sports software and the best team of support staff to work for the improvement and growth of your sports business.

ABC Islands Price Per Head was created to offer bookies the safest and most reliable service for running their offshore sportsbook.  ABC simplifies the way that you do your bookmaking without necessarily changing it.  They offer personalized software with tools to manage your accounts.  ABC provides the best customer service and phone quality in the industry.  Phone service is by satellite, fiber optic and VOIP so your clients will always be able to get through to a trained English speaking agent.

ABC’s pay per head shop offers you the largest variety of sports, horses and casino games with 24 hour customer service.  They will walk you through every aspect of the software which will enable you to manage all your players with full security and confidentiality.

ABC Price Per Head pricing is based on the number of active players you have:

2-50 players – $15 per head

51-100 players – $12 per head

101-500 players – $10 per head

501-1500 players – $8 per head

1500+ players – $5 per head

ABC Per Head charges on a weekly basis for ONLY the players that wager on Sports, Horses and/or Casino Games.