247pph.com – Pay Per Head Service

247pph.com Main Details:

247pph.com is a PPH provider that’s been around for close to a decade and they are a spinoff from their mother company, the RDG Corp. What they bring you is a clear path to where they are going and what they are selling. Number one – customer service. The RDG Corp is legendary in the gaming business for some of the best service online, 247pph.com is no exception. 

They put together a great, all-around sportsbook that conveys a true feeling of “gambling with one of the big boys”. Players feel as if they have landed one of the online “super books”. Not only do players love the level of service and the smoothness of the sportsbook, but this PPH has built it’s foundation on catering to the bookie. 

Bookies are looking for a quick and hassle-free way in which to take their business ventures online and they don’t want to be treated like a number. We have found that many PPH providers do exactly that, they take your money, they are great in the beginning, then you are on your own. 247pph.com will not do this to you. They have built their reputation on great customer service, some of the best software in the business and honesty.

247pph.com Software:

The software is far from complicated it’s best known for its ease of use and user-friendly platform that both you and your clients will appreciate. With 247pph.com you get an easy to use app that’s simple either on your desktop or on your mobile device. The entire application is desktop driven from random access memory. All you need to do is point and click. 

Many folks tend to confuse the difference between software for bookies, and an online sportsbook. Software for bookies is what powers your online sportsbook with a pay per head. 247pph.com has come up with exclusive software that does your entire job. 

One of the complaints we hear from many bookies across the Unites States is user-friendliness along with what the software does. The software is supposed to set up your online sportsbook to look like any great online bookie service. You want your clients to be familiar with what you are offering, and you want them comfortable. 

Clients hate having to start all over again. If they jump online with you it’s because they trust you, they probably already know you, and they believe what you are going to offer them is simple and easy to use. 

247pph.com has perfected simple. Some twenty years ago, a group of bookies from Costa Rica and other parts of the Caribbean put their heads together and decided they needed more. They decided their clients needed more. They hired programmers that came up with the idea for a pay per head. The software was created and has become a much better application over the years. 


Once you make the call to 247pph.com they will work to find out what you want in a sportsbook. They go to work by custom-building your online site. Again, the online sportsbook is the software/the software is the online sportsbook. 


The software is the sportsbook and 247pph.com has a reputation for not only having some of the best customer services in the industry but also offering the most for the money. They set up your webpage for free which includes a .com address that will be used by you and your clients. They set the daily events as well as the lines and odds.

There are more than a few PPH providers that want control over the page, you will not find this with 247pph.com. What you will find is flexibility and the ability to change any lines and odds at any time. They give you the controls. 

247pph.com accepts all wagers either over the phone or by logging into the account. Bookies can also place wagers for their clients at any time, 24/7.

247pph.com stands behind their product with a guarantees 99% “uptime”. They understand that for you to make money, you must be up and operational at all times. This is a bonus that not all PPH providers offer. Many PPH providers don’t offer any kind of real customer service and what we find with 247pph.com is likeability, reliability, professionalism and “uptime”. They will not leave you hanging before a big game or event. 


247pph.com comes in with a median price of around $7-$10 depending on the level of service chosen. The price point is a bit higher than others, but we feel that bookies receive a better value with 247pph.com than with most others. The customer service is worth its weight in gold. We would rather pay a dollar or two more and get what we pay for. With 247pph.com, you get exactly that.