RebateWager Review


RebateWager is on its way to becoming a very reputable brand in the industry because it has a unique business model with an innovative approach. RebateWager’s popularity among among casual bettors has grown and it also attracts some sharps, which explains the dramatic increase of its site traffic.

RebateWager lives up to its name, as players can expect a rebate percentage of their funds on every loss. Betting has its risks and it’s not usually a winning proposition for many but RebateWager always gives players cash back. The customers can deposit and play and if they lose RebateWager will instantly pay back a rebate. The players can request a payout whenever they want.

Additional Information:


Bonus: Players have the option to choose the Rebate/Bonus plan that they prefer

RebateWager Facts:

– US players are welcome

– User-friendly software

– Excellent customer support

– Exceptional bonus and rebate program

– Fast payouts