RDG Corp. launches four new Price Per Head websites


RDG Corp., a company with more than 10 years of experience offering sportsbook and Price Per Head solutions for any size of business, has launched four new websites as they look to become the number one Price Per Head provider in the industry.

After many months of hard work and preparation, the new websites, PricePerHead365, PayPerHead365, PricePerHead247 and PayPerHead247 have finally been launched and the company is expecting to receive an increase in the amount of clients looking for outsourced bookmaking solutions over the next few months.

The four websites were built after a thoughtful study of the Price Per Head online tendencies and what bookmakers are looking for at the moment, which is why the best and most innovative technology was applied, in order to become the best per head provider in the market.

Price Per Head gambling has grown at an exponential rate in recent years and the companies are now at a crucial time to discover their potential in an everyday more competitive market, which is exactly what RDG Corp. has done with their latest move, as they get ready to compete as a leader in per head services.

As part of the technological advances made in the new websites, the most important aspect is the interaction tools that improve communication between the price per head providers and the bookmakers who are interested in hiring their services.

The solutions offered by these four websites include 24/7 access to an offshore call center via independent toll free numbers and a mobile platform. RDG Corp. uses modern technology and they have the right personnel, trained to provide the best service.

RDG Corp. employs a skilled IT staff, which includes in-house programmers, network engineers and data control technicians. This team has broad experience in online gaming, wagering systems, internet security and data encryption. Trustful servers guard all of their encrypted information, which is also protected by two firewalls to maintain their strict security standards.

The RDG Corp. team is always working on implementing key elements such as convenience, security and satisfaction. RDG Corp. has taken every step imaginable to protect both the agents and their players. No expense has been spared to ensure that they’re always available and that the clients are satisfied. The company will never stop striving to improve their operations and technology.

Some of the benefits of joining these new websites are:

• $10 Per Head
• Two week FREE Trial
• FREE Casino and Horses
• Personalize Player Profiles
• Live Chat Support
• No Hidden Requirements
• No Commissions to Pay
• No Revenue Sharing
• No Minimums to Meet
• Pay Only for Active Accounts