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A lot is going on in the political world today so I wanted to do another piece on who is going to be the next President of the United States, so that you can make some money doing some political betting at America’s Bookie.

We told you months ago that Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States, people didn’t believe it at the time and the odds were 5-1, they have since gone down to half that. People are getting scared. The Republican establishment (lobbyists, crony capitalist, etc.) never took Trump seriously. They thought that the political process would wear him down and he would disappear like Herman Cain, Newt Gingritch and many others as time went by.

That is not the case however as Donald is doing things his way, and will continue to do so. That scares the people who have been in power so much that they sent the robot Mitt Romney to knock him down a peg today. He might lose a vote or 2 but he has enough of lead now that he should be the nominee come this summer. The establishment says that they may even try to “shoot itself in the foot” and run an independent candidate, but they can’t do that or a Clinton who is now -196 will get back into the White House.

They are panicked, bluffing and trying to throw a “Hail Mary pass”, in hopes that a “pawn” like Rubio +1500 will get the nod, and they can control him and use him as puppet. Rubio has even tried to turn into Don Rickles now and is embarrassing himself in doing so. He was a Tea Party guy; shame on you Marco, Rubio is done.

John Kasich +7000 is a good man and has done well for himself but unfortunately for him this is not his time. The only person who has chance to unseat Trump is Ted Cruz, and we bet him last week when he was over 100-1. The odds have dropped sharply to around 33-1, as he has won 3 states on Tuesday and if Trump falters, he will be the man to become the next P.O.T.U.S. He is hated in Washington so the establishment was rooting for Trump to crucify him like Donald did to all the others, but at this point they want him to get the nomination if Rubio can’t do it.

On the other side it will be Hillary but she has her own problems and the only way she won’t be the Democratic nominee is if she gets indicted. There is strong possibly of that now as they gave immunity to her assistant who built the email server in which she gave away top secret information. There is a chance she will be going the “big house” instead of the White House. If she doesn’t get the nomination and you want bet on Bernie Sanders to give away more “free shit” to everyone you can bet him at 28-1.

Bottom line the Democrats have no shot just as the Republications didn’t have a shot in 2008. When things are going bad people want change, and if they are getting much worse they want radical change. The way to bet this at America’s Bookie is put money on Trump at +265 and that should at least pay for your long shot bet on Ted Cruz at +3276. One of these 2 men will be the next leader of the free world. The voters are fed up and want a “new sheriff in town” and we can’t wait though to see how the world will change when that happens.

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