Pay Per Heads are the Growing Trend

Bookies everywhere are turning to the pay per head industry for answers and there is a reason for it. They are finding this turnkey service the best way to go to make money, save money and service the gaming needs of their ever growing client base. The online sportsbooks have spoiled the gambler, they offer every which way to bet and more. There really is no limit these days as to the plethora of betting options.

Responsibilities of a bookie:

Be accessible 24 hours a day, the online bookmakers are accessible why shouldn’t you be? If you are not, your clients will find someone that is.

Know the gaming industry well enough that you can set your own lines and offer odds on those lines.

Know your players, qualify them, and know the limits that you want to set for them on each game or event.

Have a ticket system, (bet slips) or handwrite tickets for each and every bet.

Grade tickets, this means that you will be looking up the score of each game that you had a wager on and hand grade the ticket appropriately.

Keep track of outstanding wagers, paid wagers and to be paid wagers.

Keep track of all money in and all money out.

Accept phone calls or have a physical office where clients can place a wager.

Settle any and all wagering disputes.

Be a Customer service guru.

As you can see the list of a bookies duties are extensive and they can be exhausting. Many games go late into the night and unless you have a personal assistant hired, you are the one taking care of all the above. It is not easy and it can become daunting and a downright nightmare.

A pay per head service is an online racebook/sportsbook/casino all in one. It is a turnkey service that offers you and your clients an online presence and it is 100% automated. There will be a name for your company and it will look exactly as if the client has dialed up any of the hundreds of online sportsbooks that exist today. A vast majority of the online sportsbooks are operated by a turnkey sportsbook PPH. Clients and prospective clients will most likely never have any idea or for that matter, they will not know what a PPH is.

A PPH offers the reliability of a full on sportsbook and exciting casino action for your clients. You will be given all of the support you need to keep your PPH growing and gaining clients while you sit back and enjoy the profits. No more working, your life as a tired, beat up bookie; those days are over.

To get started with a PPH takes very little time (same day) and you will be offering your client’s state of the art bookie software that comes with a user friendly and a top of the line wagering platform. Top of the line Price Per Head companies charge around $10 per head, per week. Along with all of this, you get
the convenience of a call center, a customer service dept. that handles all phone wagers and inquires by trained and professional staff.

You have a busy life as a bookie and you may or may not have other responsibilities in life, either way, you realize how challenging it can be to keep up with your client’s demands. Opening a turnkey PPH service is the best way to service the needs of these clients and give yourself peace of mind. Check out the best reviews on the internet and give yourself a break while making a ton of money in the process.

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