Online Sportsbooks and NFL Postseason Betting Props

Some things just go together naturally at certain times of the year such as a hot beverage on a cold day or an extra blanket on the bed on a cold night. January is the coldest month of the year for the northern half of the world, but it is the hottest time of the year to bet on the NFL.

The playoffs continue this weekend with the Divisional Round of games following the opening set of matchups in the Wild Card Round. The final eight teams in the field including the top two seeds from both the AFC and NFC are now just one win away from earning a spot in the conference championships. NFL’s version of its Final Four will then battle it out for a spot in Super Bowl LII in both the AFC and NFC title game on Sunday, Jan. 21.

There is no bigger single-day betting event than the NFL’s Super Bowl and one of the main reasons why this is the case is the sheer magnitude of proposition betting odds that are released for that final game of the season. Smart bettors know that there is a ton of value in betting props for any sport, any time of the year as long as you know how and where to find that value in these unique betting opportunities.

Just about every major offshore sportsbook taking betting action online will ramp up their betting board with a number of prop bet opportunities during the entire NFL postseason. You do not have to wait until early February when the Super Bowl does roll around to build your overall betting bankroll with a few winning prop bets.

Most of the NFL prop bets that are released in conjunction with each round of the playoffs leading up to the title game are based on the action taking place on the field of play. Props such as which team scores first, or how many passing touchdowns will a particular quarterback throw are among the most common NFL props you can bet on for all the games.

The betting props that can sometimes offer the best value on the board tend to stray off the beaten path. For example, right now you can bet on old coaches getting fired and new coaches getting hired, quarterbacks not in the playoffs shifting teams along with any number of general NFL topics that have absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming postseason games. Online sportsbooks know that the NFL is at the top of the list for just about every avid sports bettor, so they are willing to pull out all the stops to get your attention shifted to their betting board.

This is also a great time of the year to shop the online books for the best bonus offers when it comes to betting on the NFL. Most of the top online sportsbooks have already sweetened the pot to attract new bettors to their sites. As the action continues to build over the next few weeks leading up to Super Bowl LII, it probably makes sense to open a few new online betting accounts depending on your overall bankroll for NFL betting through the rest of the postseason.

Shopping actual prop bets is one of the best ways to squeeze-out the best value in the posted odds. While you will find a certain level of redundancy from one betting board to the next when it comes to the most common NFL props for the games, there are always a few props posted that are unique to one particular online betting site. It can be well worth the time it takes to search for these ‘one of a kind’ props, especially when you are cashing in a winning ticket.

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