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Spring training is starting to get wrapped up in Arizona and Florida in preparation for the upcoming MLB regular season. Opening Day set for Thursday, March 28 when the games start counting for real in the standings. It also marks the start of an extended eight-month betting season on baseball at your favorite online sportsbook.

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MLB games may not draw as much betting action as the NFL and NBA as far as professional sports leagues in the US, but professional baseball offers the longest season of games, which translates into great opportunity to cash in some winners on a daily basis.

The primary bet in baseball is on the posted moneyline odds for each game. Knowing each team’s probable pitcher is important when betting baseball.

You can also bet on the total line and a modified spread known as the run line. MLB totals range from an average of seven runs on the low end up to 12 runs on the high side. The run line is a 1.5-run spread between the favorite and the underdog along with adjusted moneyline odds.

The rules for betting on MLB games remain fairly standard across the entire online sportsbook industry, but you should always consult the rules section of any sportsbook you use to place an actual wager.

A MLB game must complete five innings of play to be considered official for a moneyline wager (4 ½ innings if the home team is winning). When it comes to five inning bets on the MLB moneyline, if the game is called in the bottom of the fourth inning with the home team winning, it will be considered official. Any half-time bets are for five full innings (4 ½ innings if the home team is winning).

A game must go the full nine innings for total line bets and run line bets to be official. The only exception is if the game is called in the bottom of the eight with the home team winning. This rule also applies to prop bets such as winning margin, most runs scored and highest scoring inning. Any extra innings played will count in the final result for all bets with the exception of props for highest scoring inning and the team with the highest scoring inning.

Each team’s designated starting pitcher must throw at least one pitch in the first inning for moneyline bets to have action. If either of the listed starters for a game fail to make that start for any reason, bets will be considered to have ‘no action’.

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If there is a change to either team’s starting pitcher before the game gets underway, the book has the option to offer revised betting odds based on the actual substitution. If a bet was placed prior to the change, you have the option to cancel that bet.

All games must start on the scheduled date to have action. If a game is postponed or cancelled before its designated starting time all bets can be deemed as no action.

When it comes to betting on a MLB series, the result will be based on the first three games played. If one of the first three games is postponed all bets still stand and the team leading that series is considered the winner. All bets stand in a series bet even if there are changes to the designated starting pitcher.

The team that wins that series, regardless of the number of games played, determines any bets on a postseason series. Certain prop bets on postseason series can be based on the actual number of games played.

Baseball tends to be one of the more complex betting sports from a rules standpoint, so it is very important that you gain a thorough understanding of all the rules ahead of placing any bets.

Article by Dave Schwab

Posted March 17th, 2019