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Phillip Rivers is back in the playoffs and he deserves to be there. Fans all over the country, they hate Rivers, and there is really no good reason for it. We know what his attitude is like, we get it, he’s a cranky old man and he loves to throw a crap fit every time he throws an errant pass.

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Forget all of that, can the guy win a big time playoff game on the road? In short, yes, he can beat the Ravens and he can do it in Baltimore. He finally has a team that just may make it to the promised land this season.

Anybody can beat anybody, and this year has proven this old saying to be true. Rivers comes in with 4308 passing yards on the season along with 32 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. The Chargers come into this game at 12-4 and the Ravens, 10-6.

In the NFL, strength of schedule and records do not mean that much. All of this means everything in college football but it means very little in the NFL. Home field advantage is worth 3 points. The Ravens are favored by -2.5.

The Chargers win this game not because of 12 wins to the Ravens’ 10, or not because of Phillip’s big gaudy numbers. Of course, Phillip Rivers will have a big impact but there is more to lean on in this one; attitude, and experience. Rivers has it, Jackson doesn’t. Joe Flacco should be the man in this game, but he isn’t, and this will cost Baltimore.

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Two weeks ago, the Ravens beat the Chargers, 22-10. It won’t happen again! Phillip Rivers will make sure his team wins. The man is a master at learning from the past and there simply won’t be a bigger competitor on the field for this one.

This game will be close, it will be a battle and the Chargers will be ready to take on a very solid opponent, 3000 miles on the other side of the county.

NFL Free Pick Wild Card Sunday: Chargers +2.5

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