NFL Early Free Pick | Patriots vs. Jets

Thanksgiving has come and gone and even the leftovers are a distant memory. The games on Thursday were predictable and fun to watch but everything pretty much went as planned, the favorites covered.

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The Lions are a mess and the debatable point in any NFL conversation is this; who has done a worse job as first year head coach, Matt Patricia or John Gruden? With the amount of talent on the team, it has to go to Gruden. This guy is supposed to be the king of turnaround and he has turned nothing around.

We should all feel sorry for Patricia, he took over the reins of a team that has never won anything, ever! The Lions suck as an organization and they continue to get worse. The Raiders have a glorious and winning history.

The National Football League gets tougher and tougher as teams get better and better from week to week and this week brings some fantastic action such as the Browns vs. Bengals, Seahawks vs. Panthers, and Packers vs. Vikings. There will no doubt be upsets, there always are and there will no doubt be blowouts, there always are!

Tom Brady has shown signs of slowing, all be it not much. He is still an all-pro quarterback and he still has the presence of a 5-time champion with 2,748 yards on the season along with 17 TDs. The Patriots come into this one with a 7-3 record and they are not blowing people away like the Patriots of old. However, when they decide to dial it up, they will, and they can. They need to tune it up for the playoffs and they smell it. The Patriots have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing when to put the hammer down.

Sam Darnold has struggled and maybe struggled more than any other big name rookie this season. What did you expect? He plays for the Jets! The Jets found a way to screw Brett Favre and Boomer Esiason! Today will be a learning experience for Darnold and the Pats get the victory and the cover.

NFL Free Prediction: Patriots 34 – Jets 17

Free prediction by Brad

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