NFL Championship Games | Betting Quarters

Rams vs. Saints | Patriots vs. Chiefs

The two respective NFL championship games are set and they both promise to be fantastic, they will no doubt live up to the hype. The Rams travel to New Orleans to take on Drew Brees and the Saints while Tom Brady faces unfamiliar territory as he travels to Kansas City for a playoff road game.

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The Patriots have beaten the Chiefs and the Saints have beaten the Rams. The Patriots won a close one in a high scoring shootout and the Saints put up a 10 point victory over the Rams. Will this trend continue? The Saints have the luxury of knowing they can beat the Rams, as do the Patriots over the Chiefs but this time, it’s in Arrowhead. Both games promise “can’t miss quality“ and betting value. But how?

Quarter bets. This is a prop line that gives you an alternative to choosing sides or picking an uncertain total. Your betting goal this weekend is to make money and make a pile of it. This is why you bet in the first place. Of course the action is always fun and a game is always much more interesting with a buck or two on the line.

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There are a few ways to approach quarter betting, you can bet the money line, the spread and the totals. These are all fun ways to bet and can be valuable if you have a great understanding of the teams playing. Do yourself a favor and do some handicapping.

Knowing how team plays and how they play in quarters is a beneficial, moneymaking proposal. The number once complaint from sports bettors is “lack of time”. Who has the time to handicap the NFL or any sport for that matter? Find a great handicapper. Most of the great game advising sites are free and some offer most of the nation’s leading handicappers, under one roof.

Betting the quarter totals is always valuable simply because knowing the teams will make or break you. When does New Orleans score most of their points, what about the Rams and how many do they average. Betting totals is fun no matter if it’s a quarter bet or for the game, however, it can be frustrating. Knowing your teams is the key.

Here’s Why I Like Betting Teasers

The money line is as simple as it sounds. You are betting one team to win the quarter. Of course, you will pay more juice to bet the favorite but never forget a win, is a win, is a win!

The spread is often the favorite quarter bet and there is a reason for this, the juice is much lower. The book is asking you to play a point spread. The good news, the spread is always much lower than the games spread and this is where you find value.

A fantastic NFL Championship round is on the way and you don’t want to miss out. Check out Americas Bookie, give them a call and ask about the easy payout and deposit methods.

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