Nevada Parole Board Falls For O.J.’s Juice

O.J. plays the good inmate and gets out.


By Rick Bouch

It was such big news that ESPN televised his parole hearing. When it was all said and done, the Nevada Parole Board decided to grant parole to its most famous inmate, Orenthal James Simpson. Big mistake. Simpson has a propensity for violence which he has displayed numerous times in his life. Violent offenders are viewed as threats to society, but O.J. is now viewed as a 70-year-old victim who served his time. Oh, how we forget.

In 1995, Simpson was acquitted for the double murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman. Who can forget the infamous ‘if the glove don’t fit, you must acquit’ speech from Simpson’s lawyer Johnnie Cochran? When considering Simpson’s parole, the board, of course, did not list this among prior offenses. The board even made it public that the trial and its results would not be factored into their final determination. That might have been a bad decision.

In 1989 five years prior to the actual double murder, Simpson was arrested and eventually convicted of beating his wife. The parole board could have considered that as a prior offense. The parole board could also have taken into account the 1997 civil trial against Simpson. The families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Goldman sued Simpson for wrongful death and won. The verdict awarded the plaintiffs a total of nearly $34 million.

In 2008 Simpson was found guilty of a multitude of charges including kidnapping and armed robbery. Simpson and a group of friends entered a Las Vegas hotel room with guns and stole sports memorabilia. When Simpson and his lawyers argued that he was just trying to get back what was rightfully his, the jury sent Simpson away for 33 years.

The point is that there is a pattern that exists with Simpson. When he doesn’t get his way, he resorts to violence. He has done it repeatedly throughout his life. Don’t be surprised if he does it again. The parole board fell for the charisma and charm of a former professional football player who became an actor. And actor is the role Simpson has been playing for the past nine years.

By deciding to disregard what Simpson has done in the past, the Nevada parole board simply applied their mathematical formula and let Simpson out. The guidelines for parole in Nevada are pretty straightforward. Inmates who have clean records without discipline in prison and those who have completed educational courses or other treatment are given high scores. Most Nevada inmates with high scores are paroled. In Simpson’s case, the severity of his past crimes did not factor into the parole board’s decision.

To add even more fuel to the fire, Simpson will leave Lovelock Correctional Center with about $600,000. That is the approximate amount he earned while in prison from his NFL pension, and it is all Simpson’s. None of it can be garnished and used to repay the verdict in Simpson’s civil suit. State laws protect that pension.

Simpson will likely be released from prison in early October. Most think Simpson will head to Florida to be nearer his children and the parole board is okay with that as long as Simpson sticks to the rules regarding his parole. So, the guy that beat his wife, most likely killed her and another human being, and committed armed robbery and kidnapping is being released from prison with over half a million dollars in the bank, moving to sunny Florida, and will probably never pay off the now $40 million that he owes to the Brown and Goldman families. Yeah, that sounds like justice.

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