NBA Free Pick - Pelicans vs. Rockets

The first full day of the NBA regular season starts today! It’s time for all of you basketball lovers to get your game on and win some serious money! We hope we can help. Although it’s early to start throwing free picks around, we think we have a decent one to give you tonight and the best one on the schedule. The Rockets set a franchise record last season with 65 wins but fell short in the playoffs and who hasn’t fallen short in the Western Conference? The Warriors have been king of the hill for a while but it may not last forever. The difference for the Warriors is when they need to turn it on, they turn it on. They know when and what’s necessary and have a killer instinct. The Rockets have failed in that department but maybe with the addition of Carmel Anthony, they can get over the hump.

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“Just the additions that we’ve added to our team, kind of piggybacking off of last year, Just bringing this whole thing together. Training camp has been really, really good, preseason has been great. But this long grind of an 82-game season will be even better.”

James Harden

Outside the city of Houston or Denver, everybody jumps on the “beat up Carmelo” bandwagon. NBA fans love to hate on this guy. Why? Look, the guy had a great run in Denver, he never got it done, neither did Patrick Ewing in New York, neither did a lot of guys. Carmelo had a great run in New York and in 12/13, he averaged 28.7 ppg. If teams are not winning championships, “they suck” according to fans. Carmelo has his faults but they are certainly not anything the Houston Rockets can’t work with. This team is already very good, close to championship level good and they will be better with Carmelo. That’s because Mike D’Antoni is a fantastic coach for this team. Is he Pat Riley or Phil? No he is not; can he coach this basketball to an NBA Championship this year and beat the Warriors or anybody else? Without question.

The Pelicans have made their share of changes this season as well with the addition of guard Elfrid Payton, and forward, Julius Randle along with center Jahil Okafor. This team can run and gun with anybody in the NBA and they will get their points this season. You can count on them scoring a pile of points this season. The team is struggling to find themselves and didn’t win a stinking game during the preseason, but that really means very little. Golden State lost back to back games against the Lakers last week. They would have liked a win and that would have been a bonus but it wasn’t the objective.

The Rockets have only lost one game in this years preseason, so again, we can’t judge this book just yet. We know for a given fact that the Rockets are a better NBA team than the Pelicans and they will win 20 games more. What happens tonight?

Prediction: Pelicans/Rockets Over 228

They most likely cover 7.5, but my money says over the total and that’s where my money is going tonight.

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