NBA Free Pick - LA Lakers vs Phoenix Suns

Lebron James and the Lakers are making their mark on a season that’s a mere three games old! The unfortunate thing for Lakers fans, the mark is not very positive. Of course, all of the major networks continue the “slobbering love affair” with James. He is the king, the media darling and he will continue to be. James is doing everything that he has done so greatly over the course of his career; he is doing it again in LA. Remember, the season is a mere three games old.

The Lakers are scoring 125.3 points per game over the first three games with a ridiculously high number of points scored against them, 131.7. This is the new NBA and if you love offense, then this is most definitely the era for you. Betting on the NBA is a pile of fun and tit’s not just the Lakers that are scoring points, nearly every team is scoring a lot of points and every team is getting scored on. This is not your 1989 Detroit Pistons or Chicago Bulls!

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The Lakers were involved a giant kerfuffle with the Rockets on Saturday that involved pushing, shoving, and throwing haymakers. The story has become a “he said, he said” between Houston’s Chris Paul and the Lakers Rajon Rondo. Paul says Rondo spit on him and Rondo says Paul is a “no good man”. Both were suspended, Rondo for three games and Paul for 2. None of this changes anything over the course of this young season, it does however, effect the Lakers tonight with Rondo being heavily involved in the Laker offense.

Rondo was off to a great start in the first two games of the season with 13 ppg, 10.5 assists, and 5.5 rebounds. Who can look at these stats and make any kind of assessment? Rondo has only played in two games. Lebron has only played in three games and his numbers are exactly as expected, we can assess his numbers, with 27.3 ppg, 8.3 assists and 8.3 rebounds. He is right where he should be. Lebron will have another monster year and the Lakers will end up with at least ten more wins then last season.

The Lakers are shorthanded tonight with the loss of two “scorers” (and we use the term loosely, the season is three games deep) in Rondo and Brandon Ingram, (Ingram averaged 14 points in the first two). Who is on this Lakers team that can pick up the slack with Rondo and Ingram out? McGee scored 16 against the Rockets and is averaging 15 ppg. He will be the second, (go-to) player, in this game along with James and then Caldwell, who is scoring 4.7 ppg.

The Skinny:

Tonight is the home opener for the Suns, and with Lebron and McGee needing to score most of the points; this is a 5 on 2 matchup. The Suns have a clear advantage in tonight’s game, thus adding great betting value.

Prediction: Phoenix Suns +3

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