NBA 2nd Half - Are the Celtics for real?

In short; yes! They are for real, although they have had their share of struggles along the way this first half of basketball they are clearly a team to beat in the Eastern Conference and their new star has played a whopping five minutes of the entire season. That’s right, their great “white hope” Gordon Hayward went out with a gruesome ankle break in the first five minutes of the first game of the season.

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The Celtics are 40-19 on the season and the trade for Kyrie Irving in the offseason has turned out to be the best trade in franchise history. It will go down this way. The Kyrie trade will end up legendary.

LeBron gets the credit:

Look, LeBron James is who he is. We can argue that he is the best player in the NBA, we can argue his place in history and we can argue whose better, him or Michael. None of this is the point. The point is, he let Kyrie go. Sure they weren’t best friends and maybe not friends at all but these two had it made and their road back to the finals is in jeopardy.

LeBron should have fought to keep his right hand because now the left hand has no idea what it is doing. Oh yes, the recent trades and even the last two recent wins from Cleveland; make them look like geniuses’ ok, we get that, they look good. Is it enough, probably not. Not only are they dealing with the Celtics, they are dealing with the red hot Toronto Raptors. The Raptors are the real team to beat in the East and they are coming for everyone in the path.


LeBron should have fought to keep Kyrie. He needed his Scottie Pippen, he needed a true star. Kyrie is a true star and he is making his mark for the Celtics. Kevin Love is a great player and he compliments Lebron; when he wants to. The problem is “want to”. Love doesn’t seem to feel the “love”. LeBron certainly doesn’t feel it. Now that Dwayne Wade hit the road back to Miami, LeBron has no friends.

Kyrie has nothing but friends. He is loved by his teammates and he is a team guy. He is a natural born leader and he will carry the Celtics on his back. LeBron is pushy, edgy, and controversial and he may be the greatest of the last 10 years but what has he done lately?

The Celtics will be fine and they will be hard to beat come playoff time. Count on them to make a deep run and probably make the NBA Finals. Hayward should be ready come playoff time and that make them dangerous.

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