Nate Nixes Notion of UFC 202 Rematch

Favors should be repaid is the notion that Nate Diaz seems to be surrounding himself in terms of one Conor McGregor. UFC 200 will not see the highly anticipated rematch of the bout that saw Conor tap out of a rear naked choke. This upset set off a chain of events that would have McGregor threatening retirement, being courted by Floyd Mayweather, and having UFC look petty in the treatment of their athletes.

Good day fight fans from your friends at Ask the Bookie. Today we will examine the meetings that Dana White had with both perspective parties and why Nate Diaz is not so eager to play ball this time around.

Did I Win the First Fight?

With just eleven days to prep for the fight, stand in fighter Nate Diaz derailed Conor McGregor. Seeing a lot of their long range plans go up in smoke, UFC went to work to get the rematch in for the anniversary event at UFC 200.

These milestone pay per views are box office gold in which the organization does their part by trying to get every good fight there. In that spirit, there is a lot of promotional work to do. Being on the road for this is what Conor balked at. This is where the company opted to exert some muscle in terms of negotiating with McGregor.

Their hard nosed stance had Conor threaten retirement and pull his name out. Now the winner of the match, Nate Diaz, is the odd man out. The organization wanted him to fight someone else but Diaz knows that should he lose (19-10), his shot at that big pay day is gone. So in terms of career management, he declined to fight anyone else but Conor.

UFC Bends This Week

With ownership wanting to sell the UFC, Dana White came to terms with having to swallow a little pride in order to get his banner fighters back in the company. He flew out to meet Conor this week with great progress towards a rematch at UFC 202. Now Diaz digs in his heels.

Nate insists that management fly out to Stockton to meet him as well. With a meeting halfway completed in the restaurant, Dana White becomes visibly flustered and storms out. Only real reaction that Dana White has given so far is that he tweeted, “Wasn’t a good day!”

Diaz is opting to use his leverage for that payday he deserves. He won the fight and the element of surprise is gone from the first bout. Conor knows that his power punches alone will not floor Diaz. This is significant in terms of Diaz winning the second bout.

In the last stages of his career, Nate Diaz is seeking to cash in on his final big payday. Stay tuned as we bring developments to light in terms of the potential UFC 202 rematch between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor.

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