MNF Free Pick - New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills

Tom Brady comes into tonight’s game with a record of 28-3 against the Buffalo Bills, better yet, he is 14-2 in Buffalo! The list of crazy stats that goes along with Brady beating the Bills is mind-boggling, such as 10, 300 yard games and 12 games with at least three touchdowns thrown. No quarterback in the history of the NFL has won more games against any other team than Brady. 28 wins is the all-time record and after tonight, it will be 29!

Years ago, before the Brady era, the Patriots/Bills rivalry was as good as any in the NFL. This game was always a fierce battle that could have gone either way and in either Foxboro or Buffalo. The AFC East always came down to the Bills, Patriots and the Dolphins. For years now, and literally eons, the AFC East has been all about the Patriots and their dominance. Nobody has touched them. What they have built in New England, is the greatest dynasty of all-time. We are not talking about a Super Bowl dynasty, although that’s arguable-Brady has five. No matter how the numbers are broken down or how the playoffs are dissected, the Patriots have built a dynasty.


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The Buffalo Bills have been bad for a generation and things are not looking good again this year. At 2-5 and coming off of a 37-5 beatdown in Indianapolis, this team looks awful. The most glaring problem for the Bills is offense. In week one, they had the brakes beat off of them by the Ravens, 47-3 week four, a 22-0 loss in Green Bay, week six, 20-13 against Houston.

Brady is having another fantastic year and considering his age, it’s more than fantastic, it’s phenomenal! Brady has put up 1876 yards passing while going 170 for 250, with 16 TD’s and 7 interceptions. These numbers are great for any quarterback, let alone an old man! Tom Brady must have lived right in a past life because this guy simply never ages, he doesn’t even seem to slow down, he just keeps winning.

There are no stars in Buffalo and there hasn’t been in a generation-since the long forgotten days of the great Jim Kelly, and Bruce Smith. Those were the days for the Bills, fantastic days of football at “Rich Stadium”. How can one NFL franchise sink so low?

Tonight’s Game:

The Bills have very little chance of scoring more than a touchdown or two and almost zero chance of winning this game. They have no quarterback and McCoy is a game time decision and will not be 100% if he does play. Let’s give the Bills two touchdowns and a field goal for 17 points and let’s be conservative and give the Patriots 34 points. At -13.5, the Patriots are a great buy. Lay the points in this one. It’s normally a very difficult thing to lay more than 10 points on a home dog, but not in this case.

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