MNF Free Pick - Giants vs. Falcons

The New York Giants are hoping to end their current loosing streak of three straight games. At 1-5, you might say the Giants are a disappointment but on the other hand, who really expected much different from this team? They are exactly who we thought they were, and 5 teams have not let them off the hook! Saquon Barkley is the obvious bright spot for the team and had a bust out game against the Eagles with 229 yards from scrimmage that included 130 rushing and 99 receiving. That was a big time performance, however, Barkley is not enough to change the DNA of the Giants, at least not yet. This team is struggling to score and even in the Eagles game, they could only come up with 13 lousy points. Not enough!


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Saquon Barkley is not going to save anybody, he’s not going to save the New York Football Giants. Sorry Giants fans but this team is a project and the rebuild has just started.  Odell Beckham Jr. signed the big deal and look at him. We get that he’s not chopped liver, we are certainly not saying that he isn’t one of the league’s top receivers, but really? It seems that Beckham just might be one of those guys that plays for the money. He got what he came for and now all he can do is complain and come up with excuses, while finding fault with the coaching staff… and Eli Manning. This is pure and unadulterated stupidity. Look at Von Miller; Miller has been struggling in Denver the last season and into this season, he is simply not the impact player that he was three and four years ago. What does he do? He takes ownership. He owns his problems, addresses them and accepts that he must fix them. Beckham, well… not so much.

Eli Manning has been a shell of his former playing self but he can still throw, with 1662 yards, that’s proof. The problem, he has no time whatsoever, he is hurried, hit, and battered on close to every play. The Falcons have less than 10 sacks on the season, maybe with any luck, tonight he has a few more seconds on each snap.

The Falcons are a much better football team at 2-4 then the Giants are at 1-5. We see the math and there is only one game separating the two. Do not let this win/loss record dictate how you look at tonight’s game. Ryan plays very well at home and has been playing much better as of late. With 1956 passing yards, 14 TD’s and just 2 interceptions and Julio Jones as a weapon… this Falcons team can turn the season around. The Giants have Barkley, they have an unmotivated Beckham and old Eli and nothing else.


The Skinny:

Both teams allow a pile of points, Giants 27.0 and the Falcons are giving away even more at 32.0. The Falcons are outscoring the Giants by an 8 point margin at 27.8-19.5

Prediction: Falcons 34 Giants 27

Best Bet: Teaser— Falcons +2 ½ and Over 46 ½ — $110 to win $100


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