Mayweather Vs. McGregor - Best Way to Bet

No matter who you like in this fight, one things for sure; you can’t ignore the tale of the tape. Mayweather comes into this match with an unparalleled reputation. At 49-0 and 26 of these coming by way of knockout; it’s extremely difficult to find a path to victory for Conor McGregor.

What are some of the more reputable sportsbooks saying?

Let’s take a look:

Americas Bookie, Bet33 and 1Vice are all coming in with McGregor at +475 and Mayweather -750 with the over, 8 1/2 +125 and the under 8 ½ at -155.

If you have been following the odds makers since the announcement of this fight, then you know these numbers have changed drastically. Although Mayweather is still a big favorite; he is no longer the huge favorite that the opening numbers indicated.

What makes Mayweather the big favorite is simply his record. His record can’t be argued with. Every big-name boxer in folklore history has fought “scrubs” this is how they make their way to the top, it’s how they earn titles. Mayweather has fought very few scrubs. He has battled his entire career with great fighters. What Mayweather brings to this fight is experience; vast experience.

What does Conor McGregor bring to this fight?

Honestly, very little. McGregor has proven himself to be a good fighter in his arena; his forum. He possesses a ton of talent, he is super quick on his feet and he is a relentless attacker. He is young (at least young enough) he is 29, eleven years younger than Mayweather.

Mayweather/McGregor’s age difference, changes nothing in this fight. Mayweather is in the best shape of his career and looks as if he is 25. Now, he hasn’t fought in two years. His last fight was against Andre Berto, it went the distance in a unanimous decision.

Really, McGregor has fought nobody and he has never thrown a punch, inside of a professional boxing ring. How he expects to go toe-to-toe with Mayweather and hang for 12 rounds is a mystery.

Does anyone really expect McGregor to hang around for 12 rounds in this fight? Probably not. It’s a tall order to ask McGregor to hang around for 4 or 5 rounds, but 12 is asking for the world! If McGregor can catch Mayweather off guard, and surprise him; he has a chance in this fight. Does he have a punchers chance? Of course, he does.

Probably the only way that Mayweather loses this fight, is by way of knockout. If McGregor catches him off guard and gets that one lucky shot in; fate just may be on his side. This is a tough task for any boxer, remember, Mayweather is 49-0 for a reason and he has fought some really great fighters along the way.

Ultimately, how you chose to bet this fight is up to you. Do you buy the lottery ticket and hope for the punchers chance or play it safe and bet the obvious favorite? Have fun, enjoy the fight. A couple of bucks on this thing sure will make it fun.

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