March Madness : Round of 32 Money Makers

Good Morning Ask The Bookie Fans, Anthony Cashman checking in for March Madness.  An oddity saw the first round start off on St. Patrick’s Day.  Thank goodness for mobile wagering platforms and the rock solid client at America’s Bookie.  I could get those valuable investments in with out neglecting attention from my Guinness.  So with some of the shocking results of yesterday, the foundations of basketball wagering were shook.  Not as much as the projected lines that are coming for the 3/19 games for the round of 32.  So join us at Ask The Bookie as we extract value from these lines.

Round of 32 : Kansas at -8

What must have been the blood alcohol be on Thursday to produce this line on Friday morning.  We are all for the underdog but what has Kansas done to cause this level of disrespect for their 7:45 game against UConn.  The Jayhawks crushed their #16 seeded team while the Huskies vanquished a Colorado team from an over rated conference.  With Arizona biting the dust against Wichita State, west coast basketball is a tad too well thought of.

Speaking of letting reputation run rampant, this UConn program is on the coat tails of their heritage.  Good story but this is the team that needed four overtimes and that miracle three to advance.  They face a Kansas team in which the things that the Jayhawks do well are the weaknesses of the Huskies.  Rebounding will be the downfall of UConn as Kansas rolls by double digits over a dog team. Kansas -8 is the gift that keeps giving on Saturday.

No Way Wichita State

Van Fleet and senior leadership has propelled them to this push in the post season.  Were the Wildcats from that over rated of a conference?  Yes.  So how do the Shockers end up being a – 2 1/2 point favorite over Miami of Florida.  The Hurricanes certainly let the occasion get to them as they floundered before finding their footing to win over Buffalo.  There are teams that will stumble after a game like that and other programs that will learn how to fly.

In a bubble, this game would be tough for the Hurricanes.  However, thin bench for the Shockers with three games in six games will wear the out.  The attrition factor should not be ignored.  Miami of Florida near the +125 region is a tasty treat this weekend.

This is the joy to our adrenaline filled lives that sports wagering allows us to experience.  Some view this as gambling.  An incorrect light this is to view the big picture.  It is the situational speculation that allows those with a tangible edge to convert their knowledge into cold hard cash.  Not only the value of being right in front of family and friends but a means to line your pockets makes it the most American of values.  With sponsors like America’s Bookie, this occurs with a company with a sterling reputation with rock solid financial.  Revel in your wins without the worry.  Enjoy March Madness and the Cashman will be back tomorrow with more profits to plunder the books by.



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