Learning about Sportsbook Contests and Bonuses

The level of competition in the online sportsbook industry is fierce. Sportsbooks have to compete for new customers and fight just to keep the ones they have. One way to win new bettors and keep existing ones is to offer sportsbook contests and bonuses.

It’s almost hard to believe, but the first sports betting contests started in the late 1970s – high stakes football contests. Since then, sportsbooks have gotten extremely creative and have thrown some serious money toward contests and other bonuses.


One such online sportsbook is America’s Bookie, which is well-known throughout the industry for having some of the best contests and bonuses. They have a full array of contests that bettors can play all year long during each sports season.

The 33 Club

The 33 Club will keep bettors excited all year long as there is a 33 Club contest for the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. It’s a contest for new members and bettors must make an initial deposit of at least $300.

In return, players have the opportunity to win $333 or $133 a number of different ways. The NFL 33 Club, for example, allows bettors to pick one NFL team (bettors can pick more than one team with larger deposits) for an entire season.

If their team scores exactly 33 points in a game, the bettor wins $333. It’s that simple. The NBA 33 Club is similar. Players pick an NBA team and if the team scores 33 points in the third quarter of any game, the bettor wins $133. 

Instead of spending lots of money on advertising, America’s Bookie likes to offer extra incentives to attract new players and retain the ones they have.

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March Madness

One of the best times of the year is March. That’s because March means March Madness, the annual men’s NCAA college basketball tournament. 

America’s Bookie runs a March Madness Squares contest, similar to it’s Super Bowl Squares and Weekly Football Squares contests. The March Madness contest is played on the NCAA basketball championship game.

Bettors have to make a deposit during the tournament prior to the final to get an entry into the square pool. Like other square pools, players are assigned one of 100 squares and they can win 50 percent of their deposit on the first half score and 100 percent on the final score.

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Sportsbook Contests and Bonuses

America’s Bookie also attracts a lot of bettors with its very generous bonuses. In addition to a huge welcome bonus for new bettors, players can receive up to a 100 percent deposit match on all re-deposits. 

If that isn’t enough of an incentive, there are also the referral bonuses. Refer a friend and receive a 10 percent bonus. Two referrals gets you a 15 percent bonus and three is worth a 20 percent bonus.

Players at America’s Bookie also have the ability to receive 10 percent gambler’s insurance. Bettors can get 10 percent cash back on all of their net losses in a month with gambler’s insurance.

Smarter bettors take advantage of these types of contests and bonuses. Find a way to use them to your advantage and make your bankroll grow.