Internal Monologues

By Frankie the Fan

Do you remember in the baseball movie “For the Love of the Game” where Kevin Costner was talking to himself to and saying things like, “This is going to hurt like hell, but here comes the curveball” or when the young kid comes up to bat to break up his perfect game and he says “Well that’s just great, this kid is too stupid to realize how big this moment is,” “Well Kid this is either going to be your day or my day”? This is the kind of internal monologues that go on in the heads of athletes as they are playing the game.

Tim Galloway wrote the book “Inner Tennis”, and I’m pretty sure he wrote a couple other books about other sports and other things. The main thing he kept on saying in the book was “Let it happen”. In “Good Will Hunting”, Will was trying to explain to his girlfriend how he can solve all those math problems, and he said, “Me and you look at the piano and just see keys, but a guy like Beethoven could just see the music and “Just Play”. Sometimes you can become your own worst enemy and your inner thoughts and feelings can get in the way of reaching your true potential. when you reach the last level you just rely in your instincts, and “Just Play”.

This however is not always the case as most players are talking to themselves and have several things going through their heads. A tennis player who just missed his first serve needs to clear his mind and just get the second serve in deep and not miss. I used to serve and volley a lot on my second serve cuz just throwing the ball into the court helped it technically but more importantly gave me less to think about.

I used to be anywhere but in the moment, I would say “Ok you get this in you win the point and the match and get your first ATP point and your life changes, if you miss it then he may come back and you lose the match and must return to the USA and become a teacher and your career is over”. A golfer standing over a 4-foot put must say, “Just make it, it will go in”, instead of “This is the biggest putt of my life, look how small the hole is, look how many different directions I can miss it, look at the tits on that chic in front row”. Guys on the free throw line do the same thing. Just go through your routine and make the easy “FREE” throw, but it’s not that easy with the game on the line, and people screaming at you. Remember in Happy Gilmore when his coach was saying just go to your “Happy place”? Take yourself out of the Mind and as we said “Just Play”.

I think I mentioned years ago, about a “B” Karate movie, in which a teacher rips the last patch off his student, and the student responds with “What have I done to offend you, I’m sorry”. The teacher then says you don’t understand, your training is complete you’ve reached to level, and then he shows him picture of clock and at 1 is a circle half blue, then at 2 is red and blue, then at 3 they add a dragon, then at 4 maybe tiger etc., You get the picture then when it gets to 11 it is full of shit and at 12 o’clock it’s just a white circle again. He explained that when you get to last level you don’t have to think anymore, you have been adding shit to your repertoire for years then and the end you are right back where you started but now it’s all in your subconscious and you can move without thinking.

This unfortunately is not the case all the time as you saw even when Costner was pitching a Perfect game he was still having and internal conversation with himself, instead of just letting himself play the game that he had been playing since he was a child. There were times when was serving well where I didn’t have to ask myself what serve to hit, I just walked to line and my instincts just told me serve it wide this time, or hit the kicker, or “crank it” down the middle. You let your inner sense call the game for you.

You’ve heard us say this before but when you are betting at America’s Bookie always listen to your inner voice is telling you and you will make money, but if you triple overanalyze it and change your mind 6 times then place a bet and are scared, I guarantee that in the long run you will lose money. Take care guys.

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