Insubordination in the World

What is it about the world nowadays that you can’t get any good workers? Is it because they’re all spoiled babies that believe in communism and getting “free $hit” handed to them? Is it because video games and fantasy football and WiFi and social media, and everything that is fake that controls people nowadays? Is it because people live in a dream world of ideology not based reality? Who knows but the world has taken a turn for the worse.

Frankie was just a child at the end of the 19th century, but he does remember carts driven by horses, the pony express and the end of the civil war. People had no choice at that time but to put in a hard day’s work. You need to work on the farm, churn butter, and slaughter your own food or you didn’t eat. Frankie remembers walking 20 miles each way in a snow storm each day to school (ok maybe that’s an exaggeration it was 15 miles in the rain). The world has changed and not for the better.

We were noticing the similarities in the young workers he has hired in his new bar in Nicaragua to the way Ben McAdoo is fighting with his players and what is going on in the Trump administration. Bottom line is people don’t want to work anymore, they have their own agendas and no respect for authority.

When Ben McAdoo said come back to work on Monday, it meant be back to work on Monday. There are NO excuses. When I say to my employees, be here BEFORE 5, it means before 5. When Trump says jump, his cabinet should be saying “How High” not “I’ll get to it later or not at all”.

Maybe the problem is the types of management styles. The three people we mentioned before were all self-starters and motivated themselves, but their employees need constant positive and negative reinforcement to get the job done.

There are 4 different ways to motivate laboratory rats. One is the rat goes through the maze and he gets some cheese. Number 2 is if he fails he gets a shock. Number 3 is he knows that if he fails he doesn’t get the Cheese, and number 4 is he knows if he succeeds he won’t get the shock.

I guess it comes down to realizing what type of motivation each ideal person needs. Bill Parcels was fantastic motivator and always said, I take guys who are too cocky and knock them down a peg, and take the insecure guys and try to build them up. I get it now, it was what the assistant coach was doing to the tennis team in college in my sophomore year. He took all the overconfident assholes who ran the place the year before and treated us like shit and had a group of “Minions” who couldn’t play a lick to do his bidding and had them believing in themselves and his shit.

Maybe I’m just not a good leader. I always thought I was always the best looking, toughest and smartest person in the group who took charge all the time. Even in first grade I got in trouble when the teacher sent note home to my parents saying “Frankie is the leader, he gets other kids in trouble”. I still don’t understand how being leader is bad thing. I guess in my old age I’ve become too inflexible and set in my ways and the construct system that I have developed over the years based on trial and error. I know now what works and what doesn’t. I have deleted the bad and kept the good.

The problem is getting people to realize that maybe you are a bit smarter than them. Jerry Reese said that Ben McAdoo is smarter than everyone here in this room put together. While maybe that is an exaggeration, his message to the players is not getting through. Yeah, when they were winning last year they bought into it, this year they all think that they are bit smarter than him, and the team is getting fractured.

Trump’s problem is that thing have been done a certain way for so many years in Washington, that the “Old Guard” doesn’t want things to change. My problem in 2-fold, I live in Central America and my workers live in a house full of 17 people and they don’t need to work to get their daily rice and beans. 3 family members have real jobs. Then one sells drugs, one works as a hooker and the other one steals, so that the other 11 can have food. I can’t get these people to care as much about the project as I do.

The other problem is as I opened with. They have no work ethic. All that matters are WhatsApp and Facebook and Twitter, which are all based on nonsense. It’s like trying to train wild animals or heard cats here, but I digress.

We recommend when placing your bets at America’s Bookie that you bet on teams that have built a strong foundation of structure and discipline like the Chiefs and Patriots, and stay away for dysfunctional teams like the Browns and Jets and dare I say it, my N.Y. Giants. Enjoy the games this weekend guys.

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