How to Bet On Sports – Early MLB Betting


A new season of Major League Baseball gets an early start with this Thursday’s opening day slate of games. All 30 MLB teams will be in action to kick off another 162-game schedule of
betting opportunities. Betting on MLB early in the season does present its own unique share of issues, but you can still cash-in at your favorite online sports gambling site if you know how and when to bet on the games.

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Spring training results can provide some solid insight into each team’s current form heading into the regular season, but you still do not know which ones will get that fast start out of the gate and which ones will dig that early hole in the respective division race. Baseball is the ultimate game of stats, so you will have to dig a bit deeper into the results of the recent exhibition season to find some tangible evidence to support each team’s current form.

One of the most important aspects on betting early MLB games is determining who is ahead of the game right now; pitchers or batters. Some betting experts believe that pitchers have the
inherent edge in the first few rounds of games since the rust from the offseason for hitters carries over into the regular season. You can also find a consensus among betting experts that
swings the other way with the early edge going towards the batters.

In reality, each and every MLB game you bet on must be evaluated at face value. Some of the league’s biggest hitter will struggle to find their grove, but there will also be any number of
starting pitchers struggling to find their best stuff in their first few starts.

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The smartest way to bet on early season MLB games is to pick and choose your spots. It is a
long season, so sometimes it is better to take a wait and see approach to certain teams and certain starters to see how they actually play when the games start counting for real in the

Another important aspect of betting the early games are the moneyline odds for each matchup. Oddsmakers are also trying to figure out each team’s current playing form as well as the overall strength of its starting rotation. Starting pitchers have the biggest impact on the betting lines for MLB games and often times you can find a soft line for a game where the Oddsmakers have either overestimated or underestimated a starting pitcher’s form. Once again, spring training games can offer some insight into a pitcher’s current form, but recent success against an opposing team according to last season’s stats can also factor into the equation.

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If Clayton Kershaw is getting the start for the Dodgers at home, Los Angeles is going to be favored to win that game. Some of the matchups that might offer some added value could have
an unknown pitcher making his first MLB start or a veteran pitcher making his first start for a new team. Everything needs to be taken into consideration when evaluating a game’s matchup
on the pitching mound. Betting early season MLB total lines can also offer some solid value in the numbers. Once again, this goes back to which school of thought you subscribe to; pitchers ahead of batters or the other way around. Look for total lines that are set too low based on the matchup on the

mound. MLB Opening Day usually features each team’s top starter, which could open the door for a higher scoring game than anticipated by the betting line. Weather is also a huge factor for
outdoor games early in the season, especially in northern cities. This could swing the edge towards a lower scoring contest than the total line might suggest.