How Ivy League Decision Affects Your Sportsbook

The Ivy League voted on July 8 to cancel all fall sports including football. The initial thought was that the league would move football to the spring and hold a shortened seven-game season.

The announcement came as a huge surprise to many. The league may cancel spring 2021 sports as well. That will be addressed in January.

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The Ivy League’s decision could have an effect on the FBS. The move will also have an impact on the sports betting industry.


Many college football fans are worried that the Ivy League’s decision will create a domino effect throughout the college sports world. Just one day after the announcement, the ACC announced it was suspending all fall Olympic sports until at least September 1.

The move does not include college football. Teams that have begun their workouts can continue. Last year’s national runner-up Clemson recently reported 43 positive coronavirus cases. The Tigers have continued to run their workouts despite having so many student-athletes in quarantine.

The sports affected include men’s and women’s volleyball, soccer, cross country, and women’s field hockey. 

The Trendsetter

Back in early March when the coronavirus outbreak was in its infancy, the Ivy League was the first to shut down its men’s and women’s basketball tournaments. Much of the college basketball world criticized the league for jumping the gun.

Now, it appears the Ivy League was right for making the move. Are they right again in shutting down all sports in the fall of 2020? 

Money Talks

The rest of the college football world is not going to simply jump aboard the Ivy League bandwagon. The eight Ivy schools’ football programs brought in a combined $30.1 million in revenue last season.

The three highest-paid head coaches in the SEC make nearly the same amount. Football at Alabama, LSU, Florida, and Georgia is just not the same as it is at Penn, Harvard, and Yale. 

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said he doesn’t think the Ivy League’s decision has any impact on what his conference will do in 2020. “I don’t think the announcement today is any inflexion point for decision-making,” said Sankey. Power 5 conferences will not give up on a 2020 season very easily.

PPH Sportsbooks Adapt

Pay per head sportsbooks everywhere have adapted to the coronavirus pandemic. With the sportsworld shut down throughout most of March and April, bookmakers shifted and found other events, like Esports and sports simulations, to put on their betting boards. 

Most PPH providers were offering reduced rates or were even waiving fees until major sports started back up. PPH services were still available but at no cost to the bookies. In such a challenging time, it’s a way for pay per head companies to keep their customers happy and afloat.

The NBA, NHL, and MLB are all scheduled to begin play in late July or early August. This will increase the size of betting boards for bookies everywhere. Whether or not there is college football in the fall, online sportsbooks will adapt and continue to provide ample offerings to their players.