Horse Racing will round up your Calendar

No matter where you go on this great big planet of ours there is one constant, bookies are looking for an edge. Any edge works and even the slightest edge is a bonus. Bookies are looking for something to supplement the bookie business. You may ask, why be a bookie if one must search for a way to win? This is a good question indeed and one that has a few great answers. One of the best answers we can come up with and our very best advice to any bookie that wants to make some guaranteed extra money and most likely a pile of extra money – would be horse racing. No matter how big or small your sportsbook may be, you must offer horse racing.


Setting the Stage—

• There is a calendar of opportunity for every bookie. There is a window. This old saying is often thrown around when it comes to the longevity of sports teams or individual sports stars such as Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, or LeBron James. These guys had a window of opportunity and it closed or eventually will close.

• As a bookie, you have a perpetual window of opportunity, your window will never close. Your calendar is open-ended, however, the calendar for you is different, this calendar is seasonal, and you had better be prepared to make the most of every season.

• Bookies are at their busiest from September through March. During these busy months, you will find the NFL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, the NHL, the tail end of the MLB, the MLB playoffs and the World Series. There is also the NBA regular season and although the NBA and NHL finals are in June, the busy season ends with March Madness.

• One can make an argument that a busy season doesn’t really exist and that every month is busy in sports gambling. This argument holds a lot of water. There really isn’t a busy season anymore and nearly every week is busy for a bookie.

• Having said that, the NFL is a driving factor for your bookie business and it always will be. Gamblers from all across the United States love to bet on football and they will always love to bet on football. This is a fact of life and a right of passage for any sports gambler. You must make the most of the busy football season.

• NOW—We know that football can be marginal for the bookie. Bookies live for the juice and what’s most important in this game is cross-action. You need all of the players that you can possibly find and then a bunch more! We can’t overemphasize the importance of cross- action.

• Here is the problem—You may not always get that cross-action and even if you do get some, you can still be beaten. This is gambling and your on the business – you must have a backup plan.

•Horse Racing – This is your backup plan. Horse bettors are a special breed of bettors and you need them. They are easily the most loyal bettors in any gambling house and no matter how much they lose, they will be back tomorrow. You may have a football bettor lose $300 and you won’t see them until next season. Sports bettors are fickle bettors, period. Horse bettors are loyal bettors and if you offer them great options in tracks from around the world and pay them track odds, it guaranteed you will see plenty of horse action. 

The Pay Per Head—

• The PPH has come along and given you the bookie the best of all worlds with their fantastic bookie software. They have combined the online sportsbook, the racebook, and casino into one offering. They are offering a full, turnkey operation for around $7 per head. You get a custom-built website that offers more than 70 world-class tracks. Everything is done for you. Bets are taken online or over the phone to an 800 number, and all bet slips are graded on the site – you literally touch nothing.

There are ties when bookies lose and unfortunately, there are times when bookies lose big. The best backup plan is the racebook. If you have horseplayers, it’s a guarantee that you will always keep your bottom line in red numbers. Call the PPH provider and ask for a free trial. Start earning a great income.