Great Weekend Bets - MLB, NCAA, NFL

This weekend is the perfect time for sports bettors. We have the final games in the MLB, we have college football and the NFL. There are a ton of great games and certainly meaningful ones in baseball. There are must win games from the Dodgers, Cardinals, and Rockies. And every Top 25 game in the NCAA is meaningful as well. Now that we are entering week 5, the pressure is ramped up on the top tier teams to cover the spread. Covering the spread means everything. The goal for the top 10 team is to get in the “Big Six” playoff games. Who covers that spread and who takes a dump? Who wins the NL West, will it be the Dodgers or the Rockies?

Betting College Football – Money Line vs Spread

College Football:

Alabama doesn’t need to cover 48.5 points against a very bad and much less of a program in Louisiana Lafayette. What they must do is beat them soundly, at least by 25 or 30 points. Sure, beating their opponent by 49 will be a big deal and that would leave absolutely no doubt in the minds of fans and committee voters who the best team in the nation really is. Every honest football fan knows that Alabama is the best team in the nation, that has been proven. What hasn’t been proven is the “beyond a shadow of a doubt” factor. Is Alabama beatable, is there anybody who can beat them this season?

College Football – Great Bets Beyond the Spread

The Crimson Tide has an easy schedule other than two upcoming games, LSU on the road and Auburn at home. LSU is looking very good, they have once again built a powerhouse but do they have the offense to out duel the Tide? Auburn is another title contender; do they have what it takes to make this a game and keep it close enough in Tuscaloosa? Right now, at this moment in time, Alabama being held in check by anybody is doubtful.

What Else Can You Bet On at Online Sportsbooks?

Prediction: Alabama -49 Lay it for the game and lay the first half. Lay it for every quarter and Parlay Alabama with Syracuse. Alabama will win this game by 50 or more points. They are that much better than Louisiana. Be sure to jump on a live line, take the points, and then jump on the live total. There is a fortune to be made on this game, make the most of it.


The Dodgers need wins, they must win out if they want to keep their chances alive. They can still claim the wildcard but they have the Cardinals to deal with and that’s a problem. As of Friday afternoon, the Cubs have beaten the Cardinals and now set on an 87-73 record. The Dodgers are playing later in the evening with an 88-71 record. No matter how you slice this, the Dodgers need wins. The Dodgers will get a win on Saturday with Clayton Kershaw on the mound. Take the run line. Dial up the bookie and look for the run line and jump on this game.

Understanding Football Wagering – Point Swings and Live Wagering

NFL Monday Night:

The Broncos love the Chiefs and this game is a rival for the ages. The Broncos have had their woes but they are still tough to beat at home. In front of the home crowd and on a Monday night, this game will be close. Look for the Broncos to steal one in their own back yard but play it safe and take the +5.5. Stay away from the money line, this one could certainly go either way. Have fun, have a great weekend and beat the bookie.

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