Why the Giants Suck So Bad

By Frankie the Fan

I’ve been watching the Giants play since Fran Tarkenton was throwing passes back in the late 60’s, and this in one of the most disappointing teams I can ever remember. Most of the time the Giants are known for winning Super Bowls (and even getting there in 2000) when they are not supposed too.

This team per the “Experts”, was supposed to be a Super Bowl Contender. That is not the case as we all know that they have lost every game so far. I really wish I could blame Eli, usually he is an easy scapegoat, but he has played very well the last 2-3 weeks, he looked rusty in week one, but then again, the whole team was waiting for someone else to make a play that day vs. the Cowboys.

When they lost to the Cowboys in week 1 two years ago, it was game that they played well and had the game won. This year they just acted like it was still preseason. In week 2 they just showed up and expected to beat the Lions at home like the did easily last December. The Lions had different plans, and the team dropped passes, missed tackles and didn’t show up to play. In week 3 they played hard but the offense didn’t show up for the 11th straight quarter, then a miracle kick killed them and last week they were simply outplayed by a better coached Buc team, especially in crunch time.

Let’s start at the top with Jerry Reese, and we are not putting heavy blame on him this year as instead of wasting money on a high-priced offense lineman, he picked up a few good low priced free agents in Marshall, Fluker and such. He did however make one HUGE mistake, and I said it 4 months before it happened.

He basically only had enough money to sign either JPP or Hankins and chose Paul. Pierre Paul only played well for few games in November last year against bad teams, and he given the huge contract. They already had some young guys like Okawa who did just as well when he was hurt. The reason the Defense was so good last year was because there were 2 “Coke machines” in the middle in Hankins and Harrison, and there was nowhere to run up the gut. Teams were forced to pass or run wide and the linebackers, safety’s and DE’s knew it was coming. Now they run up the middle for 5-7 yards on every play, and no team can win that way.

Next let’s talk about the OL and the secondary. Do you remember one of John McKay’s famous lines in which he said “Well, we couldn’t block anyone but we made up for it by not tackling anyone”. This is what is going on. Sure, the Offensive line is the fan’s favorite thing to pick on, but the last 2 weeks they played O.K. Is it the greatest line in the world? Hell no, but it’s also not the worst. The problem is the coach is stubborn and plays the kid from UCLA as the starter, and he runs into the backs of people. The kid from Clemson showed last week that if there is no hole, then bump it outside and Giants ran the ball decently. This will continue with Gallman at RB.

Now the tackling. The second-year safety from Boise St. has been “faked out of his jockstrap” left and right. I don’t care if you’re a great center fielder, if you can’t tackle someone in the open filed, and your teammates must cover for you, it demoralizes the team, and they can’t worry about their own assignments. Stop being so stubborn and play Adams the rookie safety who was undrafted and played so well last year, instead of saying this guy was drafted in 3rd round and play him instead.

Next let’s go to special teams. I kinda like the rookie kicker but he missed a big medium range field goal last week which cost them the game. Winning teams don’t have rookie kickers. Next, we have the punter who has shanked at least 3-4 kicks in the second half the last 2 weeks, which also cost them 2 wins. Add on the bad tackling, and special teams that has sucked this year. It’s not really the tackling, cuz guys are running free on punt returns untouched.

Now, let’s get to real problem of the stubborn coach. He continues to be stubborn about calling the plays and sometimes can’t manage the game well. He uses the same formations on every play, but still says we are going to run the ball even when they can’t. He never adjusts and always stays with the pregame plan. The CB for TB told OBJ last week “a lot of the time we knew exactly what play was coming”. WTF!!!!! At least fake it or do something else.

Ok, enough of the bad stuff and I hope this doesn’t sound like a homer. The season is not over yet and you can still bet them to win the Super Bowl at odds of 175-1 at America’s Bookie. This week it gets very tricky. Going into Denver and winning is a very tough task, but all winning teams need to steal victory at least once year and it must be next week, then you can beat Seattle at home and you are 3- 4 going into the bye week and all is not lost.

Coming back from the Rams at home at Niners on the road are winnable games, and any team that is 5-4 has a chance to make the playoffs and once in the Giants have shown that they can go all the way. In the last 7 games of the season The Giants play 4 NFC rivals, 3 at home, and if they want to win the division it will be in their grasp. Do I believe this is going to happen? No, but I’ll tell you one thing it’s certainly worth getting odds of 175-1 and taking a flyer here.

So, let’s just try to win one game this week vs the winless Chargers at home, and then make up for some sins in Denver week. Take the Giants -3 at home vs the Chargers on Sunday, they are playing for their season, and 3 of the 4 losses have been on the road. The only home loss was vs a very good Lions team. Let’s see what happens from here. P.S. I began the year 40-23 vs the spread, so maybe I know what I’m talking about.

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