Free Picks Moved | Site Updates

If you landed here, you most likely have been missing our awesome FREE PICKS!

In case you missed it, Ask the Bookie has teamed up with and to bring you even more sportbetting content.

Scores and Stats is a massive site that gets 5 million page views a year from 650,000 different bettors. When you visit, you’ll find Pay Per Head Reviews, Previews and Predictions, Sportbetting News and you can even buy your Game Tickets there with confidence knowing you won’t get ripped off!

Game Advisers offers more FREE PICKS than any other betting site on the internet. However, it’s their state-of-the-art betting software that puts them well above the competition. For only $30/month or $300 for the entire year, you’ll receive PREMIUM PICKS that sharp bettors make.

Joe and Rick are still bringing you fire picks! Did you know that Joe’s #1 pick for the last two PGA events have been winners? Yup…Justin Thomas at the BMW and Rory at the Tour Championship. And you know how much we love our MLB underdogs!

Rick has a winning record betting on the NFL Preseason, and he can’t wait until the real games start. You can see all of our free picks at, or follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at Game Advisers.

Changes are coming to Ask the Bookie as well, so stay tuned. The change here will be quick, providing a better experience for all of our users.