Free Pick NFL - Washington Redskins vs. NY Giants

The Washington Redskins are looking for their third win in a row and they may be playing the perfect team in order to pick up that third win. The Giants are dwelling in the cellar at 1-6 and although they have had a few bright moments, they are a football team that is still in disarray. It seems that everything the Giants touch, it turns to a rock, there isn’t much gold to be had this season, well, unless you start counting Odell Beckham’s new contract! That’s a for-sure gold strike and it seems that since signing this thing that he has put on a different face. He is not the same, he is a complainer, a whiner and he acts as if it’s a giant hassle to make all that money. What a shame, really, this guy is maybe the most talented receiver in the NFL, stop complaining and play ball, help your team, be a great teammate, then maybe you can pick up a victory every once in a while!

The Giants have talent and if it decides to show up, they can beat people. They have been blown out of two games, the Eagles, 34-13, and the Saints, 33-18, every other loss has been close. Eli Manning can still throw a football but he is the key on offense. We are stating the obvious here and it can’t be overstated. How would it be having a teammate like Beckham that puts on public display his displeasure for having to play with you? Manning is having a decent year yards wise with 2061 and 7 TD’s. He is not what he used to be, nobody is arguing different but he can still play and he is playing a well as Alex Smith.

The Giants are not going to stop the Redskins today. The Redskins will score, they will get theirs… the key to a victory for the Giants comes down to Eli, Barkley and Beckham, those three individuals. The offenses must have a big day and they must control the clock. Take time off of the clock in big chunks and they will have a chance to win this contest. Barkley must have a breakout game, as well as Eli. It’s time, if it doesn’t happen this week, the rest of the year could be a disaster.

The Giants are allowing 113 rushing yards and only gaining 87 to 119 gained for the Redskins, other than this one stat, every other number is very close and even favors the Giants. Eventually the Giants will find a better groove on defense and it could be today. With Alex Smith struggling, they will be going to the run and Adrian Peterson will need to step up big. If anybody can, it’s Peterson…


The Skinny:

One Word: Teaser! This one could be as close as the oddsmakers think it will be with the Giants +1. Give the Giants +3 at home, give them the +1 and they will lose by 4 or less or even win outright, but too close to call. Play the teaser with the Kansas City Chiefs.



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