Frankie is on rant again

By Frankie the Fan

It’s been a while since Uncle Frankie has just gone on rant about how the world in going to shit. It seems like every day we have examples from sports, politics and entertainment of how the whole world has lost its moral compass and that the rules that you were taught years ago, just don’t apply anymore.

Just look at the recent headlines in the World. Hillary Clinton and the democrats have been found to be in collusion with the Russians to fix the election but all you have heard about in the last year was that it was the Trump campaign.

5 teenage boys were throwing giant rocks off an overpass for fun and hitting cars underneath and after killing one man they are being tried as adults.

Colin Kaepernick (yes, the take a knee asshole) who is not even in the league anymore is now being inviting to the NFL meeting next week. He claims to be an expert in social justice yet he was raised by a white family in Suburbia and feels that disrespecting our fallen war heroes is a good way to complain about fabricated stories about cops hunting black people.

Kathy Griffin is suing Donald Trump because he fought back after she showed a picture of her holding his head cut off. “OH, he hurt my reputation by standing his ground”. Are you fucking kidding me?

Kids are no longer allowed to wear racially insensitive Halloween costumes because it may offend people, yet drag Queens are brought into kindergartens and say to children, “Who wants to be a Drag Queen”, and the list goes on and on.

The core values that should be taught in Sports are being challenged by the left to start a world with no rules that has total anarchy. Everything that was must be replaced, and if its new and deviant then its ok by the new standards that the world is setting.

There is 1 YouTube guy named Mark Dice who is the only one who is exposing the truth about what is going on. He is selling tee shirts saying Liberalism is a mental disorder, and let’s find a cure. A guy like Donald Trump comes in and tries to instill sense of “law and order” again, is being constantly attacked but the people who are trying to change the world for the worse.

It’s almost as if Satan has taken over the earth and the rules that are taught in the bible are evil and wrong. If you are different, weak, a victim and a cry baby you will be defended, whereas the strong normal people that built this planet are being attacked from all sides.

Frankie grew up in 60’s and 70’s and the world was a better place. Sure, in the 70’s there were all sorts of problems but it really seemed that people wanted to work together to fix the problem instead of dividing us more.

Frankie believes in free speech but if it’s by the left its great, like taking knee, but if the right is defending southern statues then it’s then called racism and you dare not talk about it. Therefore, only the left can have a say in anything. In college campuses, a convective voice won’t be allowed to speak, but if you believe drag queens should be allowed into little girl’s bathroom then go say what you have to say.

The sad thing is that in the 60’s for instance the left were fighting for causes that made the world a better place, like racial injustice, the Vietnam War, sexual freedoms. Now they just look for anything to protest, even holidays. Mother’s Day is offensive to motherless children, Father’s Day to lesbian couples. Christmas to non-Christians. Thanksgiving to Indians, and now Halloween costumes must be racially sensitive.

They thought that had it won with Hilary and that would’ve been the Icing on the cake, now they are losing their minds that they might have to wait a bit longer for their evil scheme. Here’s an idea, maybe come up with ideas that work to unite the country instead of dividing it.

Ok, Frankie feels a bit better, now let’s get back to our lives and call up 1Vice and make some money. It has been great year to bet on the NFL and there is still plenty of time to do so. Just ignore all the stupid people kneeling before the games, and by the way have you noticed that less people are protesting now that no one really seems to care about this nonsense? Take care guys.

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