Football is Like Any Other Business

Have you ever noticed that as you get older you start to realize that right staff is one of the most important things in building any business? Trump is firing all the employees that aren’t right for the business. He is now running the USA and the free world. I was realizing this when I was thinking about how the Giants and Jerry Reese have been building the team in the past few year as compared to how I was was trying to build my bar in the last few months.

The reason I came to this conclusion was when I was reflected on the players who the Giants have brought in recently, as opposed to the guys that the fans wanted to bring in. There is guy named Charlie from Portland, Maine who is always complaining about the team, mostly the offensive line and his idea about who should be playing is always based on past results and name recognition. He would always call in and say, “The Giants have no safeties that have ever played in the NFL, we are doomed and we must bring in this guy with a broken leg who played in 3 pro bowls in the 80’s and once got in a good lick in on Jerry Rice.”

The fans can never see the big picture. That’s not how you get things done. When the Giant had no safeties, they didn’t overpay for a bunch of high priced bums, instead they looked within and said we have good young guys who we can develop. Now, the problem is that they may have too many good young safeties.

It was same with Steve Smith and the receivers a few years ago, Smith was coming off microfracture surgery but the fans wanted him. I said in the web blog that there is already a guy on the team named Victor Cruz who will make you forget about Smith. Turns out I was right, and now history is repeating itself as the Giants were holding back about 4-5 good young receivers into order to let Cruz and his in inflated salary play last year. Then they cut Victor in the offseason and the young guys are ready to step up.

Which brings us to the point of this article. I recently opened a bar here in Central America. Originally, I tried to hire all good young prospects, but it didn’t pan out. I think I panicked and promoted the understudies into starting roles who were only into their own lives, and the problem got even worse. Step 3 was signing bunch of has been and bad players because I was desperate and went to a quick fix to the problem.

Again, it gave me disastrous results and finally realized that I had to clean house and bring in the correct players; a mix of old and young who can really believe in the team concept. I want to see the team become successful, and I’m finally on the right track. It wasn’t an easy decision to make as there is a good chance I will be relieved of my management duties quickly if things don’t run around fast, but I’m willing to take that chance cuz I’ve now built a team and structure that has staying power.

It is being the same with the customers. I threw all the bad seeds out of the bar because in the long run it will hurt the final product, you need to have a vision of the future and slow build a foundation that will having saying power and not moving for the quick fix that may not even solve the problem short term.

So, Charlie you were wrong about all the guys you recommend the Giants picked up. The Giants are on the right rack now and so is my bar. The Giants have quite lot of good young talent to go along with young veterans and 5-6 older guys to teach these players, and I have an experienced bar manager, good security guard and good young loyal hard working waitresses. It’s not too late get your futures bets down on the them to win it all this year at America’s Bookie, and if you want come down to Rock’n Sports in Managua, Nicaragua. I’ll be happy to take a bet when you arrive. Take care guys.

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