Find an Online Bookmaker for The NHL Stanley Cup Finals

The NHL has been amazing all season long and it all comes down to one last series but this isn’t just any series, this is the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs and this is one for the record books. The Las Vegas Golden Knights have home ice advantage as they take on the Washington Capitals in what has been an unprecedented run for an expansion team. The Golden Knights started the season as 200/1 underdogs. Vegas took in a pile of money as did the offshore bookies. The thing about gamblers is they are willing to take a risk even it means playing the lottery every now and then. The Golden Knights were the lottery ticket and they still are. There are a lot of people out there holding their breath and not just the bettors but the price per head bookies alike. This could be a big payday for some and a giant loss for the bookmakers.

The Stanley Cup Finals are here, find a great online bookie service: A few things to look for…

1. Look for a great bonus. Some folks may tell you that a bonus is not worth taking or that it’s a scam. This is not true but one thing is true; not all bonuses are equal. Find a bookmaker that is willing to work with players for a manageable rollover amount. They are out there and they will for sure work with you. They want your business.

2. Look for a bookmaker that caters to hockey and one that has competitive lines. This can mean everything. Spending less for the same or better product is always a good thing. Who doesn’t look to save a buck or two?

3. Find a sportsbook that has a great reputation. Are they honest, fair and easy to work with or are they dishonest, always looking to not pay you and never offer the best customer service?

4. Payouts and deposits are they quick easy and hassle free? Everybody wants a payout and when you want it you don’t want to have to give up your first born child! With some book, getting a payout can be like pulling teeth. Nobody needs or wants this.

5. Do they have a call center, can you call them and make a wager over the phone and can you talk to them about any wagering or account related issues?

6. Do they like American players? It may sound crazy but there are bookies that do not want players from the United States.

7. What about wagering options, do they offer a plethora of them? Do they offer period betting and what about the third period? This is a period that you want to bet for sure. If you are a big hockey fan then you know that betting on the third period can win you big profits. Do they offer all of the standard options such as reverse action, puck lines and totals? Again, what about period totals?

8. Read the Ask The Bookies reviews of the top online Sportsbooks.

These are a few of the more mandatory items on any “favorite bookie” list that you should know. Be sure to look up the “how to bet hockey” section with your favorite offshore betting site.

The NHL is better than ever and with the high scoring of the Capitals and the defense from the Golden Knights; there is a ton of action in store and you can bet that it will be one of the very best Stanley Cup Finals to come along in years and maybe even decades. Call the bookie, get in and have fun.

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