Fading the Public Betting


By frankie

Today Frankie wanted to talk about “Fading the Public” to give you an advantage in Sports Betting. Frankie used to Day-Trade Stocks and Commodities, and especially in Commodities one of the tools he used to use was “investing” or betting against the Public. The same thing applies in Sports Betting. In Commodities he used to use a Govt. Report called the Commitment of Traders. When you see the Pubic is heavily buying or selling at the same time that the Commercials (Banks, Auto Industry, etc.) are doing the opposite, then a huge turnaround is about to happen. You just need to time it right, I won’t get into that here because this column is more about Sports Betting and you know exactly when the game is being played so it’s so much easier.

In Commodities as we said, 90% of the people lose so going against the stupid opinion means that you should be right 90% of the time. In Sports Betting the same principals apply. In money lines not so much because a -270 really should win, but will they cover the spread remains to be seen.

Look at some of the games this week, 92% of the Public like the Bears -7 over the Bills that means that Buffalo should cover the spread and the stupid people lose. The same applies with Arizona, Miami, and also Atlanta. l have the pubic on them less than 20%. That means that most likely they cover. This system isn’t always full poof but if you stick to this more often then not you will make money. Frankie has been a contrarian for over 40 years and has rarely had a bad season on the NFL. He noticed this when he was a teenager when the guy in the paper who usually was different then the other pickers would always win. He would say this guy is crazy and then he’d be right more often then not.

Before you place your bets tomorrow at America’s Bookie, go on the web and search out a site that gives the pubic betting percentages or even you can just look at the game and whatever looks like an obvious winner, do the opposite, and I promise you will have fun successful and profitable NFL betting season.