Eastern Conference Finals Squares

The first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs has been anything but predictable. At the start of the playoffs it looked like the Heat and the Bulls were destined to meet in the Eastern Conference Finals but after Derrick Rose went down for the Bulls it's anyone's title to take.


ATB wants you to join in on the excitement and win money while you're enjoying the game by buying squares to the Eastern Conference Finals Game 4. The cost for each square is 100 points. Four different prizes are up for grabs:


The Prizes are:

1st Quarter winner: 500 ATB Points

3rd Quarter winner: 500 ATB Points

Halftime winner: 1000 ATB Points

Final Score winner $250 Cash


If a poster wins ATB points they will be transferred to him/her within twenty-four hours of the game. The poster who picks the Final Score can claim his/her prize by emailing the contestguru18@gmail.com. Posters are allowed up to four squares each.


Each square you buy will result in 100 points being deducted from your grand total.


To play:


Simply select a square or squares not already taken by clicking on it in the Contest Pool. A Pop-Up box will ask you if you want to spend 100 points for the square you clicked on. You can click on YES in which case you will get the square as your avatar will fill in the square.


If you do not have an avatar the system will assign you a stock avatar and 100 points will be deducted from your point total. Click on cancel and you will be back to where you started before you clicked on the particular square in question. To make sure the square is yours place your mouse over the square and your username will appear as owner of that particular square. Be sure you are logged in whenever you attempt to buy a square.


Anyone experiencing difficulties can contact me at contestguru18@gmail.com with your poster name and a brief description of the difficulty. I will get back to you ASAP.


The first poster to take a particular square gets it.


Once all the 100 squares are sold on the pool card, the numbers will be drawn. This will be done with a deck of cards (ace – 10) facing upside down. After shuffling them, a person draws them one at a time until all of them are used as they are selected across the top of the columns and repeats the process on the left (facing the dealer) side of the sheet.


We will have witnesses during the drawing to ensure that no foul play is involved and everyone has an equal chance to get any number.


Once the numbers are drawn, all the posters can view their numbers and sit back and enjoy the game with an added incentive.


A maximum of up to four squares per poster is a contest rule.

No house cut will be subtracted in this ATB Pool.

The winning squares will be circled and in this thread we will identify which posters won each prize.

I will be happy to answer any questions posted in this thread.


Choose your squares below.